3 Ways to Beat the Heat in Valencia

The summer is heating up here in Valencia.

The temperatures have reached the mid-30’s but it is the humidity that we are getting used to. Temperatures in San Diego are comparable, but we are not accustomed to the humidity. The AC in the apartment has been getting quite a workout.

There are many ways to beat the heat in Valencia.

Here are 3 of our recent favorites.

Tinto de Verano at Home

A chilled white wine can get the job done and sangria is an excellent option, but we prefer a drink called Tinto de Verano (literally translated, “Summer Red”). This is usually a local red wine mixed with carbonated soda water (sometimes a lemon/lime soda), and slices of lemon and orange poured over plenty of ice cubes. We tried it with one of our favorite red wines, Alcanta, and an Indian Tonic from Schweppes.


Gelato at Segreto Freddo

Another great way to cool off is gelato! Gelato shops can be found in Valencia around every corner. Many of them are quite good. But one of the best we have found so far is Segreto Freddo in the La Seu district of the Old City. The gelato is smooth and tasty. They have great flavors like the traditional Stratticella to wonderful fruits like orange, lemon, and mango. For just 2,50 euros we got a combination cup… our choice of one generous scoop of gelato topped with a big swirl of plain frozen yogurt and your choice of a topping (fresh fruit, nuts or syrups). I had the coffee gelato combo with fresh mango chunks! Delish!


Acai Bowl at Almalibre Acai Bar

If you enjoy cooling off a bit more on the healthy side, try an acai bowl at Almalibre Acai Bar in El Carmen. Their Acai bowls come in 4 sizes and you can add other toppings for an additional charge. Their traditional bowl (shown below) comes with a light, refreshing acai blended with granola, sliced banana, and coconut flakes. This one really does check all the boxes!


If you will be in Valencia this summer, keep cool in the summer heat with these Valencian-inspired treats.

What are your favorite ways to cool down and chill out?

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