About Me

Hi, I’m Lane.

I’m an American from San Diego, California who achieved Financial Independence in 2018 and retired to Valencia, Spain to fulfill a dream and live a simpler, slower, more mindful life that aligns with my values here in Europe.

Travel Inspire Connect was born out of a belief that Travel, done with an open mind, has the power to Inspire and Connect people. In short, to create ‘World Citizens.’

I write about my experiences around:

  • Spanish Culture
  • Slow, Independent, Budget European Travel
  • Financial Independence, and
  • Mindfulness


I spent my childhood in Europe where I developed a sense of adventure, a love of travel and a passion for Europe.

At age 11, I landed in San Diego, CA where I grew up, had 3 amazing daughters and a successful career with Salesforce, but never forgot my passion for Europe and traveled as often as possible.


My A-ha moment came in 2014 while listening to The Expat Chat, an inspiring podcast interviewing expat couples living more fulfilling and affordable lives abroad… if they can do it, I can do it! The dream was born… I was going to live abroad, again.

The second turning point came in 2016 when I discovered the FIRE Movement. My girlfriend and I were regulars at the local ChooseFI San Diego group. It was a sense of community. It was a no-judgment zone and it was a place where people supported people who were thinking outside the box to build their ideal lives. Now we had the financial tools to build our dream.

Executing the Plan

We built a 5-year plan to make the dream a reality. We researched visas and locations, we got our financial and legal affairs in order. After scouting trips to Greece, Croatia, and Spain we decided Spain was right for us.

In 2018 at the age of 48, we hit our FI number, sold our things, quit our careers, collected our Spanish visas and embarked on our adventure in Valencia, Spain!

This blog is the ongoing story of that adventurous journey… exploring Spanish Culture, Slow-, Budget-, EuropeanTravel, and promoting the Mindfulness and Financial Independence concepts which made it all possible.

What I Do Now

I write (when the mood strikes), and I travel and explore to learn and grow and challenge and reinvent myself.

I am an independent, budget-minded, slow travel enthusiast who enjoys slightly off the beaten path locations.

I am thoroughly inspired by the stories of other travelers, expats, digital nomads, and FI advocates. Their stories have inspired my journey and my blog.

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