#105: Living Life as an Experiment – with A.J. Jacobs – Afford Anything Podcast


Trailhead is MOAR about you than ever before!


Saving For Retirement Without A 401(k) – MyMoney by Fidelity


Enjoying The Alcazar and Jamon Iberico in Seville, Spain | Root of Good


4 Ways Meditation Increases Your Productivity and Wellness

via 4 Ways Meditation Increases Your Productivity and Wellness The Art of Living

Celebrating a Very American Thanksgiving in Germany


If you’re not max’ing an HSA you are missing one of the best FI hacks!

HSA - The Ultimate Retirement Account https://www.madfientist.com/ultimate-retirement-account/

The Holidays and Mindful Consumerism

The holidays should not be about indulgent consumerism. If you ask someone what the holidays are all about, you hear words like "family", "friends", "loved ones", "gathering" and "sharing". But if you watch people's actions, you often see something very different... you see people clamoring for Black Friday "bargains", credit card balances skyrocketing, and a …

Being This Close to Early Retirement Doesn’t Feel How I Thought It Would | Our Next Life


Scărișoara Cave – A Glacier You Can Touch | JuliaSomething


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