Postcard from Segovia

Some amazing photography from Nandita and Raga of this gorgeous part of central Spain!

Sending Postcards Home!

Segovia is just magical and it should definitely be on the list for anyone visiting Madrid. It is a cute little city with historic significance. It boasts of the 2000 year old Roman aqueduct (one of the best-preserved elevated Roman aqueducts), a beautiful cathedral and a fairy-tale castle, to name a few.

Segovia’s steep and narrow cobblestone streets, combined with old buildings would definitely take you back in time. This city is seeped in history and culture, dating back to centuries. The beginnings of Segovia are also not known and the people are known to have populated the area before it was conquered by the Romans.

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - Top Landscape City View 3 Beautiful rooftop view of Segovia

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - Aqueduct - Street View 6 Exploring this magical city

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - Alcázar of Segovia - Castle 10 It’s all about fairytale castles..

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - City View 13 Street view filled with tiny European houses

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - City View 11 Alleyways definitely can’t get better than this..

How to reach:

Segovia is very close to Madrid and can be easily reached via trains…

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Requena Wine Fair and Harvest Festival

I enjoy glasses of wine few and far between these days, but the history, art and science behind it is fascinating.

Julia Eats

Two days ago we boarded a train to the wine village of Requena for the Feria Requenense del Vino – the Requena Wine Fair. Requena is part of the Utiel-Requena D.O. (Denomination of Origin), the most extensive wine producing region of the Valencian community. The native red grape Bobal makes up 75% of the grapes grown in this area. Recent generations of wine makers have begun producing high quality wines from Bobal and our goal was to discover more of them.

Bodegas Murviedro Requena Wine Fair Valencia Bodegas Murviedro – One of the largest, most well-known wineries of Valencia

The Feria Requenense del Vino (also called Ferevin) is a separate event that takes place during the Requena Harvest Festival held at the end of August, just around the time the first grape harvests begin. Ferevin is also an organization that promotes the wines of the region of Valencia. This is their most important wine event of…

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Seven Wonders of Leuven

Montenegro | You Bloody Tourist

Hiking the Calanques: Cassis, France – Contours of a Traveler’s Map

8 Life Changing Reasons You Should Put Your Phone Away – Klementine Katie

Hold on! Let me post this first! 🙄

Blanched Asparagus and Crispy Parma Ham with a Rocket Pesto

Those poached eggs look amazing!

Wish to Dish

Is your pesto the besto?

wish to dish pesto asparagus and eggs recipe (6)wish to dish pesto asparagus and eggs recipe (2)wish to dish pesto asparagus and eggs recipe (4)

Hello I am back again as promised with a dose of brunch inspo to set you up for the week ahead. Not that you should feel restricted to making this recipe only in the morning as it would be delicious at any time of day. It is definitely a “does what it says on the tin”, or in this case the title, recipe. Layer up asparagus, rocket, parma ham and poached eggs and then drizzle over your freshly made pesto – what could be better?

I generally pan fry asparagus in olive oil but as I was including an oil based sauce (pesto) I thought I would keep the asparagus lighter and fresher by blanching it instead. For those who do not know blanching is a technique where you briefly boil food before submerging it in ice cold water. It is a particularly useful method…

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How travelling changed me – ____Veggie Travelling Teacher

I believe people "make of it [traveling] what they will." If you do it with an open mind, be open to new experiences, ways of doing things and leave your judgement and preconceived notions behind, then the potential for personal growth is endless.

Остров слёз Спиналонга | Travel to Greece! Путешествуем по Греции! Мой блог

What a beautiful little Cretan island!

Summer Harvest at Qualcomm 

It doesn't get more "local" than this! I am grateful to be working with an organization that values clean, fresh, local, organically grown food. Every day, I can walk to either of two beautiful on-site cafe's where meal choices include food that is grown at gardens right here in the middle of the campus! Every …

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