Neighbourly Concern – When Do I Get The Manual?

I can always count on laughing out loud when I read Quinn's latest post. It's been a rough week. I needed this. Thanks Quinn! -- Lane Beck, Mar 16, 2018, San Diego, CA Neighbourly Concern - When Do I Get The Manual? — Read on


Traditional Irish Lamb Stew

It's a special day... We very rarely eat meat and even more rarely buy meat. But, my 'baby' is coming over for dinner. And I am making one of her favorite recipes... a traditional Irish lamb stew. In this case, my baby is my youngest daughter who is now a young adult. And the recipe …

Let’s Go Exploring! Rotterdam: The High of FI – Millennial Revolution

I knew Kristy & Bryce had a sense of humor, but this is hilarious! --Lane Beck, Mar 15, 2018, San Diego, CA Let's Go Exploring! Rotterdam: The High of FI - Millennial Revolution — Read on

“The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better” — Barbara Pletcher

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Real Casa de Correos, Madrid, Spain

Lane Beck, March 13, 2018, San Diego, CA The House of the Post Office on Madrid's Plaza Puerta del Sol. Directly in front of this 18th century building is the Kilometro Cero, that's mile-marker zero to us gringos. Distances from Madrid are officially measured from this bronze marker embedded in the sidewalk.

Solo In Spain: Visiting Seville & Valencia – Samantha In London

Time for another solo getaway! After such a successful trip to Barcelona and Madrid last May, I was itching to get back to Spain and discover more. My favourite hostel chain, Hostel One, has hostels in Seville so I chose to start there. I was craving some beach vibes too, so the next stop planned… …

Alligators and Kittens | The Happy Philosopher

What are your alligators and what are your kittens? What are you doing to reduce the alligators in your life? -- Lane Beck, Mar 13, 2018, San Diego, CA I really like kittens. They are cute, cuddly, and in general good company. They are easy to take care of. Eventually they grow up into cats …

Granada, Spain

Inspired by Jed at Bucking the Trend, I too, am not really a writer... but I did come across one of my photos from Granada, Spain and wanted to share... Thanks Jed!

The math answer is not necessarily ‘your’ best option.

We all have plenty of options. In Financial Independence, the math can be quite simple and can suggest the optimum solution. However, choose the solution that works best for your personal situation, including what makes you happy, what you value and what gives you peace. #FI

A Guide to Studying Abroad – Fearless Female Travels

Studying abroad is the best way to travel when you're young. If you're thinking of combining your studies with an adventure in another country, check out my complete guide to studying abroad as a solo female. — Read on