Minimalist Travel: How We Travel Carry On Only Long Term

"Don’t go and use our affiliate link for kale. That’s a fake affiliate link.” -- Tommo & Megsy from the Travel Freedom Podcast


Saving Secrets from Young Super Savers – MyMoney by Fidelity

Some great visualizations showing the power of getting started early, from Fidelity's MyMoney blog. -- Lane Beck, 10 Apr, 2018, San Diego, CA Young super savers do things a little differently from other savers. Here are some of their secrets. — Read on

Bacharach a charming town of the Rhine Valley • Cook the Beans

A medieval winter-wonderland along the Rhine river in Bavaria. Stunning images in this post from Ana at Cook the Beans! -- Lane Beck, 10 Apr, 2018, San Diego, CA Along the Rhine there are plenty of charming towns that will make you step back in time, Bacharach is undoubtedly for me, one of the prettiest of …

The pursuit of happiness | Minimalist in the city

A powerful anecdotal comparison between two vastly different societies forces us to confront the true meaning of happiness in our modern world. I could not agree more with the sentiment here. Thanks to Kate, from Minimalist In The City, for this stark reminder. Maybe it is my perspective, but I believe Western culture, as a …

Why Money Won’t Solve Your Problems – Afford Anything

The lies we tell ourselves... from JD Roth at Money Boss and Paula Pant at Afford Anything... a post about taking personal responsibility for your own happiness. Sure there are plenty of things that are outside our direct sphere of influence. Don't waste your life energy on these things. But recognize that, if we are …

Cranberry Orange Almond Bread

This delicious sweet bread recipe comes courtesy of Bob's Red Mill. They are an American employee-owned company out of Oregon that has made natural, unprocessed whole grain flour, oat and cereal products since 1978. Their products can be found at your local grocery store or online here. Cranberry Orange Almond Bread Yield: 1 loaf PreparationTime: 15 …

5 Romanian Easter Traditions (Orthodox Easter) | JuliaSomething

Julia at JuliaSomething shares a bit of Romanian Orthodox traditions around Easter... food, fun, family and even a strange religious "light" ritual. Thanks Julia! -- Lane Beck, 7 Apr, 2018, San Diego, CA 5 Romanian Easter Traditions (Orthodox Easter) | JuliaSomething — Read on

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” — Albert Einstein

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Top 5 Non Schengen Countries in Europe to Visit

A fantastic intro to some excellent Non-Schengen destinations in the European region! When your 90-day EU passport stamp has expired, escape to one or more of these fascinating locations before jumping back into Europe. Thanks to Tommo & Megsy at for sharing! -- Lane Beck, 5 April, 2018, San Diego, CA A list of …

What do Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade all have in common?

Fun Fact (from this map nerd): I just realized the river that runs through old town Ljubljana is the same river that runs through Zagreb... the Sava river! Bonus Fun Fact: The Sava river originates in the foothills of the Julian Alps near the Italy/Slovenia/Austria border and joins the mighty Danube in Belgrade, Serbia. Here …