Vegan Portugal, where to eat (guide) • Cook the Beans

If you are a vegan, vegetarian or just a conscious eater and live in or plan to visit Portugal, then perk your ears... this is for you! Ana from Cook The Beans has just published this short guide on where to eat vegan in Portugal. Also, follow her blog for excellent and authentic vegan recipes. …

Delicious Apricot, fig, banana oatmeal cookies (Bolachas de damasco, figo banana e aveia) • Cook the Beans

Easy, quick, delicious and healthy, is everything that these banana oatmeal cookies are. Every time I'm craving something sweet, these banana oatmeal cookies are my answer, because is just so easy to prepare and deliciously healthy. — Read on

Summer Harvest at Qualcomm 

It doesn't get more "local" than this! I am grateful to be working with an organization that values clean, fresh, local, organically grown food. Every day, I can walk to either of two beautiful on-site cafe's where meal choices include food that is grown at gardens right here in the middle of the campus! Every …

Love the vegan restaurant picks, Ania!


Beginner’s Vegetarian Smoothie

In a recent post, I wrote about my foray into vegetarianism. I am sure that every person's story is a little different, but my goal was simply to continue to move my lifestyle toward what I consider a more happy and healthy one... both for my body and the planet... and to lead by example. …

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