5 May Return Flights from Glasgow for Under £35 – Caitlin Jean Russell

Some amazing European cities profiled in this concise post from Caitlin at CaitlinJeanRussell.com! Go forth and travel Europe! -- Lane Beck, 28 Apr 2018, San Diego CA For this month’s cheap flights post there are a bunch of brand new locations on the list. Of course, because we're getting closer to summer the price range …

How to travel from Spain to Morocco by ferry | Kate’s Travel Tips

Did you know you can take a 30 - 40 minute ferry ride from Spain to Morocco? If you're visiting southern Spain you might as well see Morocco too—it's so close there's no excuse not to go! Tarifa and Algeciras are the principal cities that offer frequent ferry rides throughout the day. — Read on http://www.katestraveltips.com/2018/04/14/how-to-travel-from-spain-to-morocco-by-ferry/

Córdoba, Spain – April 2016

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A Street of Tapas Bars in El Grao, Valencia – Jill’s Urban Food Crawls

We’ve been on a seaside kick lately, developing an affection for the quiet streets and the funky, unpretentious neighborhood bars of Valencia's Poblados Marítimos (Poblats Maritimos) district. The El Grao barrio (called El Grau in Valenciano) is part of the maritime district. It is a small barrio sitting next to Cabanyal and incorporating the sea port… …

How to choose countries to visit on your first Eurotrip | Kate’s Travel Tips

What countries should you see on your first Eurotrip? How many days should you spend in each one? Find the answers to these questions as you plan your first trip across the Atlantic. — Read on http://www.katestraveltips.com/2018/02/25/how-to-choose-countries-to-visit-on-your-first-eurotrip/

Visiting my city – Zaragoza, Spain. – The Wise Explorer

The beauty of my city is beyond doubt. — Read on thewiseexplorer.com/2018/03/24/visiting-my-city-zaragoza-spain/

Real Casa de Correos, Madrid, Spain

Lane Beck, March 13, 2018, San Diego, CA The House of the Post Office on Madrid's Plaza Puerta del Sol. Directly in front of this 18th century building is the Kilometro Cero, that's mile-marker zero to us gringos. Distances from Madrid are officially measured from this bronze marker embedded in the sidewalk.

Solo In Spain: Visiting Seville & Valencia – Samantha In London

Time for another solo getaway! After such a successful trip to Barcelona and Madrid last May, I was itching to get back to Spain and discover more. My favourite hostel chain, Hostel One, has hostels in Seville so I chose to start there. I was craving some beach vibes too, so the next stop planned… …

Granada, Spain

Inspired by Jed at Bucking the Trend, I too, am not really a writer... but I did come across one of my photos from Granada, Spain and wanted to share... Thanks Jed!

A Weekend in Madrid – Amanda Afield

It is a fabulous city, isn't it, Amanda? We had a great time there. My girlfriend absolutely loved it. I'm sure we will be back again and again. I was amazed at the sheer number of people on the streets including young families with young children when we were hanging out enjoying a cafe con …