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Foodies, your guide to best places to eat and drink in Ljubljana is here. From local to international venues, best atmosphere and views included! Source: Foodies Rejoice: The Best Restaurant Guide to Ljubljana is here • The Sunny Side of This

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Restaurant Lady Pi-Pi, Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Yes, you read that right...And that is the correct pronunciation. Evidently, she couldn't hold it any longer... and this well-endowed women enjoys peeing au natural. Croatians don't do breakfast... At least not as we Americans, Canadians and Northern Europeans know it. But after three weeks traveling Croatia and Slovenia, we were longing for something more …


Reservations at one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants

Source: Template - Restaurant Profile -- Kobarid, Slovenia One of the experiences I am most excited for during our upcoming 3 weeks in Slovenia and Croatia! This will be our second experience dining at one of the world's premiere restaurants, but without all the pomp, fluff and snobbery. We snatched reservations at Hisa Franko ten …