Deep Thought of the Day: Gratitude

I am a work in progress But, I choose to live my life with no regrets And no promise of tomorrow And leave the world a slightly better place For having the fortune of living it. --- Now it is your turn... What motivates, drives and inspires you? I would love to hear from you. …

What FIRE Bloggers Owe Readers // A Blogging Manifesto | Our Next Life

Thanks to Tanja from Our Next Life for calling us on our own privilege blind spots! What FIRE Bloggers Owe Readers // A Blogging Manifesto | Our Next Life — Read on

Campaign : Hope

This week I am celebrating my 48th birthday! That is wonderful, but I've been thinking a lot about privilege lately. My privilege allows me to live in a world where I can think about celebrating my birthday. Millions around the globe today, do not have that privilege and many never will. They struggle to meet their …


The world offers a myriad of opportunities to realize our privilege.


Time is a magical and dramatic thing. It is only through the passing of years and through travel that we, creatures of modern times, are allowed to cross over into once forbidden or restricted places of the world. If you can’t find any other reason to leap onto the next plane, ponder the novelty of going somewhere that so many others before you could not. 

For example…

Created by the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain once divided Europe in half, leaving those forbidden to enter it with only their imagination of what lay beyond. Take advantage of the fact that you can now discover the gorgeous city of Budapest, venture high into the mountains of Zakopane in Poland to indulge in delicious smoked cheese and visit the mystical Bran Castle in Romania, home of Dracula.

Auschwitz, in the 1940’s was a place no one would wish on even their most…

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How travelling changed me – ____Veggie Travelling Teacher

I believe people "make of it [traveling] what they will." If you do it with an open mind, be open to new experiences, ways of doing things and leave your judgement and preconceived notions behind, then the potential for personal growth is endless.