Highlights from Florence, Italy

Last month we took a week to visit Italy for the first time. We chose Florence as our introduction to Italy. Florence was a compromise since over-touristed places like Rome or Venice are not generally not my idea of a good time. We flew from Valencia, Spain, where we now live permanently, to Bologna then …

Foto del Día: Valencia Cathedral in the Sun

So much content, so little time. I feel like I have so much in terms of content to write about, images to use and places and things to write about in my newly adopted city. I am privileged. Valencia is overflowing with beauty, and I am so grateful to call her my home, but it …

Old Kotor en noir

Just thumbing through my photos... and found this gem. ... from Old Town Kotor, Montenegro 🇲🇪 Such a fascinating city in a beautiful and fascinating part of the world. If you've never been, think Dubrovnik on a much smaller scale... and with fewer crowds. The hills rise up dramatically from the Bay of Kotor. Thinking …

La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris en noir

Ode to Paris, The City of Light

Paris, The City of Light. I can't get you off my mind. Your lure sucks me in. Your breathtaking beauty enchants. You cast a spell which cannot be broken. You tell stories that speak to the heart. You paint images that seem almost too incredible to be real. What is this magical power you possess; you …

Córdoba, Spain – April 2016

#photography #b&w #history #architecture

Real Casa de Correos, Madrid, Spain

Lane Beck, March 13, 2018, San Diego, CA The House of the Post Office on Madrid's Plaza Puerta del Sol. Directly in front of this 18th century building is the Kilometro Cero, that's mile-marker zero to us gringos. Distances from Madrid are officially measured from this bronze marker embedded in the sidewalk.

Granada, Spain

Inspired by Jed at Bucking the Trend, I too, am not really a writer... but I did come across one of my photos from Granada, Spain and wanted to share... Thanks Jed!

Dazzling Peacock at the Minoan Palace of Knosos, Greece on the Island of Crete

Images captured in May 2014 with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i -- Lane Beck.

She Thinks I Won’t See The Brussel Sprouts…

How adorable. Salmon over Lemony Brussel Sprouts & Breadcrumb Spaghetti from The Kitchn.com.

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