Discover Valencia’s Ancient History for the Price of a Gelato!

More than 2,200 years of Valencia's history can be found in this tiny museum behind the Cathedral of Valencia. It is called the Centre Arqueològic de l'Almoina and it contains ruins and artifacts from Valencia's rich past including its Roman, Visigoth and Moorish periods from 2,200 B.C. to about 1,000 A.D. I found it fascinating …

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What are some of the best things to do in Vienna? Opera house, St. Stephans Cathedral and Mozart!! Want to know where to have the BEST meal?? — Read on

Visiting Valletta

Amanda Afield

Malta is a not-so large island country that has an incredible history. To be honest, I didn’t know much about it until we started looking for somewhere warm to visit. It’s home to the some of the most complex and oldest temples in the world, some are 5000 years old. And due to Malta’s central location was influenced by many cultures, both ancient and modern.

In addition, it’s sunny, has beautiful cities and lots of seafood. We stayed at a great Airbnb in Valletta, the capital city. Valletta’s narrow streets and alleyways are so photogenic, even if they are a bit hilly. We were only in town for 4 days, so we saw as much as we could. After checking into our apartment, we ate lunch on the water, then visited the Grand Master’s palace, where the Knights of St. John ruled from after being given Malta during the crusades…

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