Cheers from Stockholm!

A quick stopover on my way back to Paris... But I couldn't resist the opportunity for a brief stop in Stockholm. Norwegian Air from LAX then a 7 hour layover gives plenty of time to visit this gorgeous historical city. My first time in Sweden! The customs official was super nice and made sure to …

Delice de l’Inde – Eating Indian Food in Paris

I was running late for lunch, so I made a rash decision. I might as well try something new. Similar to Andalusia in southern Spain, the kitchens in many restaurants, cafes and bars begin slowly closing around 14:00 not to open until maybe 19:00 for the first dinner service. Perusing the options available near the …

Chinese Lunch in Paris

On an extended stay in Paris... ...There comes a time when you are ready to try something other than French cuisine. That time is now. For lunch... Chinese food. Ok, maybe technically Pekingese and Thai, but what do I know. This restaurant is called La Benediction and it is near my office in Saint Cloud …

Le Garde-Manger: Parisien Lunch

Had lunch today with my colleague's in the Paris office. A wonderful French restaurant with really great authentic French cuisine. The restaurant is called Le Garde-Manger and is in the city of Saint-Cloud on the western edge of central Paris. The wine list was extensive. We received excellent service from a mademoiselle whose small muscular …

Who Else Is Happy It’s Spring?

Today I am grateful to have access to and the means to get good, wholesome, fresh food! #gratitude #salad #lunch #vegetarian #MakeYourOwnFood #awareness #intention #mindfulness #healthylifestyle

Arugula & Kale Salad

Simple, fresh, raw salad for lunch... ready in 5 minutes Baby arugula Kale, rough chopped Fresh asparagus, chopped Sliced button mushrooms Grape tomatoes, halved Red onion, thinly sliced Mini cucumbers, sliced Red bell pepper, sliced Broccoli florets Extra virgin olive oil Red wine vinegar Salt & pepper Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, toss …

Cilantro Salmon over a bed of Brown Rice


Blanched Asparagus and Crispy Parma Ham with a Rocket Pesto

Those poached eggs look amazing!

Wish to Dish

Is your pesto the besto?

wish to dish pesto asparagus and eggs recipe (6)wish to dish pesto asparagus and eggs recipe (2)wish to dish pesto asparagus and eggs recipe (4)

Hello I am back again as promised with a dose of brunch inspo to set you up for the week ahead. Not that you should feel restricted to making this recipe only in the morning as it would be delicious at any time of day. It is definitely a “does what it says on the tin”, or in this case the title, recipe. Layer up asparagus, rocket, parma ham and poached eggs and then drizzle over your freshly made pesto – what could be better?

I generally pan fry asparagus in olive oil but as I was including an oil based sauce (pesto) I thought I would keep the asparagus lighter and fresher by blanching it instead. For those who do not know blanching is a technique where you briefly boil food before submerging it in ice cold water. It is a particularly useful method…

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