Highlights from Florence, Italy

Last month we took a week to visit Italy for the first time. We chose Florence as our introduction to Italy. Florence was a compromise since over-touristed places like Rome or Venice are not generally not my idea of a good time. We flew from Valencia, Spain, where we now live permanently, to Bologna then …

Florence’s Hidden Gems: Food

[This post is Episode 1 of a multi-part series on Florence, Italy.] Traveling to Italy? Florence, Italy ('Firenze' in Italiano) has some amazing hidden gems,... and I'll help you discover them! If you are like me, you usually avoid cities that are over-touristed. I was leery of Dubrovnik for this reason. I like to find …

The Church of Santa Lucia dei Magnoli – Florence, Tuscany, Italy

I love coming across old gems! We are here in Florence for the week. This is our very first time in Italy. The city is extremely photogenic with the Arno river flowing through it and the iconic architecture. I was out exploring today (as I am known to do) and came across a little-known historical …

Dive Bars of the Mediterranean – Enjoy Living Abroad

Karen McCann is a talented published author of several fantastic books including 'Dancing in the Fountain'. She possesses a wild sense of adventure and a 'never say no' attitude. Her latest blog post explores... dive bars on Southern Europe?? -- Lane Beck, 3 May 2018, San Diego CA My Blog: Travel tales & tips for …

What do Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade all have in common?

Fun Fact (from this map nerd): I just realized the river that runs through old town Ljubljana is the same river that runs through Zagreb... the Sava river! Bonus Fun Fact: The Sava river originates in the foothills of the Julian Alps near the Italy/Slovenia/Austria border and joins the mighty Danube in Belgrade, Serbia. Here …

How to choose countries to visit on your first Eurotrip | Kate’s Travel Tips

What countries should you see on your first Eurotrip? How many days should you spend in each one? Find the answers to these questions as you plan your first trip across the Atlantic. — Read on http://www.katestraveltips.com/2018/02/25/how-to-choose-countries-to-visit-on-your-first-eurotrip/

The While in Europe List Round III

Romania, the Balkans and Eastern Europe for me… maybe we’ll see you there, Amanda!

Amanda Afield

We’ve committed to another year in the UK, but I think this time it will definitely be the last one. Which means we have to travel as much as possible while it’s still cheap to visit Europe.

Our ever growing bucket/while we live in Europe list has been updated since last year, and since then we’ve visited most of the places we hoped to, and have plans for the rest in the not too distant future.
Krakow-the history, architecture and food!We visited Krakow in December 2016, ate so many pierogis, visited Christmas markets and paid our respects at Auschwitz.It was a weekend we won’t soon forget.

Ben Nevis-It’s the only one of the three peaks we still haven’t summited (we hit the highest in Wales and England, only Scotland remains!)We have finally conquered the three peaks (even if it took us 3 years). We finished…

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A photo tour of Perugia

Some great photography from Dylan…

Shoot from the Trip

Perugia is the capital, and largest hilltop town in the Italian region of Umbria. A university town dating back to the Etruscan period, the collection of piazzas, archways, cobbled streets and steep stairways in the historical centre create a level of charm that is typically Italian. It’s a vibrant town that hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year including the Umbria Jazz Festival in July and the Eurochocolate Festival in October. Why I didn’t choose to visit during this time, I have no idea. Rookie traveller error!

We stayed in Perugia for two nights as part of a wider trip exploring Umbria (click the link if you would like a recap). With an airport on the outskirts of town having direct flights back to the UK, it seemed like a great idea to finish off the trip at this location.

Our base was the unassuming Hotel Fortuna housed in…

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Pompeii City Break – 3 Day Itinerary — Happy Healthy Tash

My hubby and I recently spent a wonderful week in Italy…3 days in Pompeii at a gorgeous hotel *Bosco de Medici* (click here for my blog post on the hotel) and then the remaining days were spent on the Amalfi coast (with the rest of Italy it would seem lol) 😀 August + Italy = …

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