10 Stories From Hungary

From Michael at TumbleweedWrites, a few short stories about his recent trip to Budapest… some are hilarious, others are tear-jerkers and others will restore your faith in humanity! — Lane Beck, 30 May 2018, San Diego CA


In addition to my thematic posts regarding my trip to Hungary, I’d also like to share with you some rapid-fire asides. These are little stories that aren’t big enough individually to warrant a blog post, but which- collected together here- can hopefully give you a good impression not just of Budapest, but of me as a person.


  1. The Presley Serenade
    On my first full day in Budapest, I decided to wear one of my (many) Elvis Presley t-shirts, since I was stopping at the little park named for him. In the evening, I wandered around Buda looking for a place to eat. I’d had a long day walking around Margitsziget, the Hungarian Parliament, and video calling my American roommate Aaron, so I pretty much jumped at the first place I found. That place was a restaurant called Kasca Étterem. It was only when I stepped inside that I thought…

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Where (in Europe) Should I Go?

I will be in Paris for a few weeks next month on business. (I know, it's a rough life, right?) After I meet and hang out with my new Parisian colleagues, I am taking a week off. This will be the first time in my life (believe it or not) that I will be traveling …

But First, Coffee (Part II) – Tourishta

Coffee in Budapest anyone? -- Lane Beck, 12 May 2018, San Diego CA The temperature in Budapest seems to be climbing a degree per day. After 2.5 years on a very cold, drizzly island, I am revelling in the continental weather; spending more time outside (kint), in water (vízben) and under sun (nap alatt). One …

Budapest my hidden treasure chest. What they don’t tell you… – Chow Bella Travels – Chow Bella Travels

Budapest my hidden treasure chest. What they don't tell you... - Chow Bella Travels - Chow Bella Travels — Read on chowbellatravels.com/2018/03/12/budapest-my-hidden-treasure-chest-what-they-dont-tell-you-chow-bella-travels/

Heath has now walked more than 6,100kms across Southern and Central Europe in the name of charity!

Onward to Cyprus! – GROUNDWERK https://groundwerk.org/2018/01/23/onward-to-cyprus/comment-page-1/

Impressions: Budapest is…


Toss your Travel Tips: The Budapest Files

Danielle E. Owen

Don’t you love when a city surprises you?

On planes, in hostels, randomly on the street.. People love to give you advice about the places they’ve been. I whip out my pen and ever-handy notebook to jot down their suggestions for cities I know I’ll be visiting in the near future. And then- when I’m finally headed to that city- I go back, revisit and research their tips.

Just kidding.

I never look at them again.

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It’s good to be home – Adi Seres

This year I make 10 years since I am not living with my parents and 5 years since I live in the UK. In 2007 I left my home town and relocated to Oradea, about 130km from home to attend University. … Source: It’s good to be home – Adi Seres

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