La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

She is breathtaking. Every spring evening around 22:00 as a brilliant gold and orange sun is setting on this beautiful city, lights illuminate the exterior of the Notre-Dame cathedral. This Gothic masterpiece, which has been an icon of the City of Lights for centuries, is a sight to behold during the day, but truly stuns …

Fountain of Joy

The 'Small Onofrio Fountain' in Old Town Dubrovnik provides more than just clean, delicious drinking water... it provides Joy and Happiness to residents and visitors alike. It has been doing so since about 1440. The fountain was designed by Onofrio della Cava to provide drinking water to the historic market at this end of the …

Budapest my hidden treasure chest. What they don’t tell you… – Chow Bella Travels – Chow Bella Travels

Budapest my hidden treasure chest. What they don't tell you... - Chow Bella Travels - Chow Bella Travels — Read on

Córdoba, Spain – April 2016

#photography #b&w #history #architecture

Visiting my city – Zaragoza, Spain. – The Wise Explorer

The beauty of my city is beyond doubt. — Read on

#SnapTuesdays – Khufu ship – Giza, Egypt. – The Wise Explorer

Awesome share from Miss Gi over at The Wise Explorer! I think I was an archeologist in a former life... I'm a sucker for the "world's oldest" anything! Just fascinating. -- Lane Beck, 20 Mar, 2018, San Diego, CA The world's oldest intact ship, found in 1954, was preserved since  2566 BC ( ! ) …

A Visit to Bratislava – Amanda Afield

Bratislava is just an hour away from Vienna by bus or train but an entirely different city to experience! We decided to add a night there onto our trip to Vienna, and I'm so glad. The  capital of Slovakia is full of great food, a beautiful old town, delicious beer and lots of history. — …

Real Casa de Correos, Madrid, Spain

Lane Beck, March 13, 2018, San Diego, CA The House of the Post Office on Madrid's Plaza Puerta del Sol. Directly in front of this 18th century building is the Kilometro Cero, that's mile-marker zero to us gringos. Distances from Madrid are officially measured from this bronze marker embedded in the sidewalk.

Dazzling Peacock at the Minoan Palace of Knosos, Greece on the Island of Crete

Images captured in May 2014 with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i -- Lane Beck.

Grab a friend and visit Bansko in summer to discover authentic people

The place most Europeans go skiing is so much more than some mountains to slide on. When people think of Bansko, they say "Oh, that ski resort in Bulgaria... I heard about it." But there is so much more to this magical place. Read my honest opinion on why you should visit Bansko in summer, …