Kobarid, Slovenia 🇸🇮

Kobarid is a place of exceptional natural beauty in the foothills of the Julian Alps. This monument in the hills just above the small village of Kobarid commemorates the soldiers (many of whom were Italian) who lost their lives in this area in WWI. Kobarid sits very close to the Slovene-Italian border. If you’re a …

Lightning over the Bay of Kotor

<Check out the video at the end of this post> My timing is off today. Over dinner last night, I met the most wonderful Polish-American couple living in Vienna and on holiday here in Montenegro. We ended up sharing a table and talking travel, lifestyle over several varieties of schnapps until 1:00am. These are the …

Kotor – Live La Vida

Amanda and Mark, from Live La Vida, are a young American couple living the dream... working and living out of Seville, Spain while they explore Europe at their leisure! It's a tough life, but somebody has to do it, right? 😜 This post is a quick read with some fantastic photography on their brief trip …

Grab a friend and visit Bansko in summer to discover authentic people

The place most Europeans go skiing is so much more than some mountains to slide on. When people think of Bansko, they say "Oh, that ski resort in Bulgaria... I heard about it." But there is so much more to this magical place. Read my honest opinion on why you should visit Bansko in summer, …

The Hidden Gems of the Julian Alps and Soča Valley in Slovenia | Root of Good

This is such a beautiful part of the world I am tempted to keep it to myself. 😛 Thanks for sharing, Justin! The Hidden Gems of the Julian Alps and Soča Valley in Slovenia | Root of Good — Read on rootofgood.com/soca-valley-vrsic-pass-slovenia/

Heath has now walked more than 6,100kms across Southern and Central Europe in the name of charity!

Onward to Cyprus! – GROUNDWERK https://groundwerk.org/2018/01/23/onward-to-cyprus/comment-page-1/

The While in Europe List Round III

Romania, the Balkans and Eastern Europe for me… maybe we’ll see you there, Amanda!

Amanda Afield

We’ve committed to another year in the UK, but I think this time it will definitely be the last one. Which means we have to travel as much as possible while it’s still cheap to visit Europe.

Our ever growing bucket/while we live in Europe list has been updated since last year, and since then we’ve visited most of the places we hoped to, and have plans for the rest in the not too distant future.
Krakow-the history, architecture and food!We visited Krakow in December 2016, ate so many pierogis, visited Christmas markets and paid our respects at Auschwitz.It was a weekend we won’t soon forget.

Ben Nevis-It’s the only one of the three peaks we still haven’t summited (we hit the highest in Wales and England, only Scotland remains!)We have finally conquered the three peaks (even if it took us 3 years). We finished…

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Ben Nevis: Climbing Britain’s Highest Mountain

If I told my girlfriend that Jamie Fraser was at the top, I’d probably have to chase her up, otherwise I’d have go this one alone! 🤔

Amanda Afield

21125625_10100239766967162_8322110996708701505_oOne of our goals while living in the UK was to climb the highest peak in Scotland, England and Wales. Our first year, we travelled to Snowdonia and climbed the highest peak in Wales, Snowdon, and spent some time enjoying ourselves among the castles and seaside.

Last summer, we visited the beautiful and remote Wasdale Head, and climbed Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England. That left the largest peak and longest drive, Ben Nevis at 1344 metres above sea level. We booked ourselves into the Achintee Farm B&B which is located right by the Ben Nevis Inn at the trail head and crossed our fingers for good weather.

21167765_10100239766792512_455786309057206700_o The Half Way Lake

The day we planned to hike was GORGEOUS. No wind, no rain and most of all reasonably good visibility for most of the hike. We followed the main trail up to the summit, also known as the Mountain…

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Montenegro | You Bloody Tourist


Hiking the Calanques: Cassis, France – Contours of a Traveler’s Map


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