Florence’s Hidden Gems: Food

[This post is Episode 1 of a multi-part series on Florence, Italy.] Traveling to Italy? Florence, Italy ('Firenze' in Italiano) has some amazing hidden gems,... and I'll help you discover them! If you are like me, you usually avoid cities that are over-touristed. I was leery of Dubrovnik for this reason. I like to find …

Vegan Portugal, where to eat (guide) • Cook the Beans

If you are a vegan, vegetarian or just a conscious eater and live in or plan to visit Portugal, then perk your ears... this is for you! Ana from Cook The Beans has just published this short guide on where to eat vegan in Portugal. Also, follow her blog for excellent and authentic vegan recipes. …

Salmon Salad

Simple, quick, fresh and delicious! Salmon, romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, red onion slices, red pepper, Campari tomatoes, sliced olives, Parmesan cheese, cucumber, and homemade Italian herb dressing... our Vitamix makes the dressing a snap. #dinner #salad #pescatarian #foodie #cooking #homeprepared #slowfood #intention #mindfuleating

5 Romanian Easter Traditions (Orthodox Easter) | JuliaSomething

Julia at JuliaSomething shares a bit of Romanian Orthodox traditions around Easter... food, fun, family and even a strange religious "light" ritual. Thanks Julia! -- Lane Beck, 7 Apr, 2018, San Diego, CA 5 Romanian Easter Traditions (Orthodox Easter) | JuliaSomething — Read on juliasomething.com/romanian-easter-traditions/

A Street of Tapas Bars in El Grao, Valencia – Jill’s Urban Food Crawls

We’ve been on a seaside kick lately, developing an affection for the quiet streets and the funky, unpretentious neighborhood bars of Valencia's Poblados Marítimos (Poblats Maritimos) district. The El Grao barrio (called El Grau in Valenciano) is part of the maritime district. It is a small barrio sitting next to Cabanyal and incorporating the sea port… …

Who Else Is Happy It’s Spring?

Today I am grateful to have access to and the means to get good, wholesome, fresh food! #gratitude #salad #lunch #vegetarian #MakeYourOwnFood #awareness #intention #mindfulness #healthylifestyle

A Visit to Bratislava – Amanda Afield

Bratislava is just an hour away from Vienna by bus or train but an entirely different city to experience! We decided to add a night there onto our trip to Vienna, and I'm so glad. The  capital of Slovakia is full of great food, a beautiful old town, delicious beer and lots of history. — …

Delicious Apricot, fig, banana oatmeal cookies (Bolachas de damasco, figo banana e aveia) • Cook the Beans

Easy, quick, delicious and healthy, is everything that these banana oatmeal cookies are. Every time I'm craving something sweet, these banana oatmeal cookies are my answer, because is just so easy to prepare and deliciously healthy. — Read on cookthebeans.com/2018/03/04/delicious-apricot-fig-banana-oat-cookies-bolachas-de-damasco-figo-banana-e-aveia/

Grab a friend and visit Bansko in summer to discover authentic people

The place most Europeans go skiing is so much more than some mountains to slide on. When people think of Bansko, they say "Oh, that ski resort in Bulgaria... I heard about it." But there is so much more to this magical place. Read my honest opinion on why you should visit Bansko in summer, …

One Nica Breakfast, Por Favor – Fearless Female Travels

What is a Nica Breakfast? This typical Nicaraguan food is enjoyed in the morning. It starts with gallo pinto and then you build from there with ingredients like eggs, cheese, salsa, meat and even fried plantains. — Read on fearlessfemaletravels.com/nica-breakfast-in-nicaragua/

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