There are a lot of amazing things happening in my life right now. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate. The last several months (no, years) have been a whirlwind. But, I am looking forward to several things over the next couple of months. Right now, I am grateful for: the time we have …


Living in Europe: Just Weeks Away

It is still difficult to believe we are here. Only one small hurdle stands between us and our (read "my") 5-year plan to retire and live in Europe. I am grateful to have a significant other who is willing to indulge me my dream. We have gathered and submitted all the paperwork for the residence …

Living ‘My’ Dream

Friday I gave my 2-week notice. For the first time in my adult life, my career is no longer my highest priority. I have been mentally preparing myself for the challenges ahead for years. We have reached our FI number, but that, it seems, was the easy part! We are letting go of our careers, …

Playing with FIRE: The Documentary

The first documentary about the FI movement is about to be released! It's been several years in the making. This is very exciting. Is FI hitting the mainstream? What will that mean to the movement and its participants? There has been some major name-dropping related to this film... Vicki Robin, Mr. Money Mustache, JD Roth, …

Deep Thought of the Day: Gratitude

I am a work in progress But, I choose to live my life with no regrets And no promise of tomorrow And leave the world a slightly better place For having the fortune of living it. --- Now it is your turn... What motivates, drives and inspires you? I would love to hear from you. …

Your Money? Or Your Life? – Afford Anything

An excellent TL;DR summary of THE most influential FI book I have read to date from Paula Pant at Afford Anything. Vicki Robin has just released a new updated version of Your Money or Your Life... very highly recommended! -- Lane Beck, 14 Apr 2018, San Diego, CA Your Money? Or Your Life? - Afford …

Money Talks – Live from the UK Chautauqua with Vicki Robin | Mad Fientist

Listen as we play the first-ever game of "Money Talks", the new game created by the author of Your Money or Your Life, Vicki Robin! — Read on

What FIRE Bloggers Owe Readers // A Blogging Manifesto | Our Next Life

Thanks to Tanja from Our Next Life for calling us on our own privilege blind spots! What FIRE Bloggers Owe Readers // A Blogging Manifesto | Our Next Life — Read on

Consider a Side Hustle Year to Begin Early Retirement | Our Next Life

Consider a Side Hustle Year to Begin Early Retirement | Our Next Life — Read on

The math answer is not necessarily ‘your’ best option.

We all have plenty of options. In Financial Independence, the math can be quite simple and can suggest the optimum solution. However, choose the solution that works best for your personal situation, including what makes you happy, what you value and what gives you peace. #FI