Limited Time: Watch the ‘Playing with FIRE’ Documentary for Free

Are you curious about the Financial Independence movement? Do you wish there was a way out of the rat race? This film provides hope. Released in 2019, it offers viewers a way out... freedom to build a life around the things you value rather than being trapped in the endless pursuit money to make ends …

Living ‘My’ Dream

Friday I gave my 2-week notice. For the first time in my adult life, my career is no longer my highest priority. I have been mentally preparing myself for the challenges ahead for years. We have reached our FI number, but that, it seems, was the easy part! We are letting go of our careers, …

Playing with FIRE: The Documentary

The first documentary about the FI movement is about to be released! It's been several years in the making. This is very exciting. Is FI hitting the mainstream? What will that mean to the movement and its participants? There has been some major name-dropping related to this film... Vicki Robin, Mr. Money Mustache, JD Roth, …

Financial Independence Is Plan B – DiverseFI

From Doc G at DiverseFI... FI is just a tool, not the end goal. Putting a meaningful life and happiness first should be our focus! -- Lane Beck, 8 May 2018, San Diego CA Financial independence should be Plan B. — Read on

The Documentary — Playing with FIRE

Playing with FIRE: A documentary about the growing online community known as FIRE. Featuring the works of Mr. Money Mustache, ChooseFI, The Mad FIentist, JL Collins, and many more. — Read on

Should You Pursue F.I. if You Don’t Have a Passion Outside of Your Day Job? – Four Pillar Freedom

Luckily, I LOVE what I do, but I know, for most, that is definitely not the case. Source: Should You Pursue F.I. if You Don't Have a Passion Outside of Your Day Job? - Four Pillar Freedom

The Astonishing Algarve, Portugal – Bucking the Trend

Jed, the ultimate FI geo-arbitrage hacker, is on the move again. This time it is the gorgeous and sunny coastline and beaches of the Algarve in southern Portugal. Same some sunshine for me, Jed! Source: The Astonishing Algarve, Portugal - Bucking the Trend

Calculate Your Time To FI With 5 Simple Inputs

Mad Fientist's FI Laboratory

ChooseFI Episode 032 | The Milestones of FI Some interesting variations on the milestones in your FI journey. The one and only JD Roth originally wrote on this topic back in 2015 in his post titled The Six Stages of Financial Freedom. Check his post for another angle. Cheers!

How To Retire In Europe Permanently Using The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa

The Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa has been my goal for the last four years... and it gets closer every day! Is anyone else on this same journey? Let's Connect. Thanks to Jed from Bucking the Trend for blazing the trail and for writing about it. It is personally inspiring to me that he has seen the …