Lime-Drop Martini

It's a dark and cool Saturday evening in San Diego. This one calls for a good stiff drink... Something like a tart lime-drop martini,... with a sugar-rimmed glass for balance... and lime zest for garnish. Pucker Up! #mixeddrinks #saturdaynight

A Street of Tapas Bars in El Grao, Valencia – Jill’s Urban Food Crawls

We’ve been on a seaside kick lately, developing an affection for the quiet streets and the funky, unpretentious neighborhood bars of Valencia's Poblados Marítimos (Poblats Maritimos) district. The El Grao barrio (called El Grau in Valenciano) is part of the maritime district. It is a small barrio sitting next to Cabanyal and incorporating the sea port… …

FI Required Reading

... with a side of Spanish cafe con leche. When I recently heard Vicki Robin tell the story of her and Joe Dominguez budding this idea of frugal living to save ourselves, save the planet and become happy engaged members of society, I was hooked. It was a fascinating tale that began, for Joe, way …

Foodies Rejoice: The Best Restaurant Guide to Ljubljana is here • The Sunny Side of This

Foodies, your guide to best places to eat and drink in Ljubljana is here. From local to international venues, best atmosphere and views included! Source: Foodies Rejoice: The Best Restaurant Guide to Ljubljana is here • The Sunny Side of This

Seven Reasons the Spanish Stay Slim (even while eating all that ham) – No Longer Native

With all that wine and ham, how are Spanish people so thin? Here are the seven habits I copied from locals so I'm not buying new jeans every six months. Source: Seven reasons the Spanish stay slim (even while eating all that ham) - No Longer Native

Restaurant Lady Pi-Pi, Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Yes, you read that right...And that is the correct pronunciation. Evidently, she couldn't hold it any longer... and this well-endowed women enjoys peeing au natural. Croatians don't do breakfast... At least not as we Americans, Canadians and Northern Europeans know it. But after three weeks traveling Croatia and Slovenia, we were longing for something more …