Improve Your Life Beginning Today with One Simple Idea

Are you ready to transform your life in a powerful way? Are you ready to take back control of your own destiny... from your employer, from your clients, from your stuff, from consumerism? This one idea has the power to improve your life within days and to radically change the trajectory of your life over …

The pursuit of happiness | Minimalist in the city

A powerful anecdotal comparison between two vastly different societies forces us to confront the true meaning of happiness in our modern world. I could not agree more with the sentiment here. Thanks to Kate, from Minimalist In The City, for this stark reminder. Maybe it is my perspective, but I believe Western culture, as a …

The never ending purchase pattern we are all stuck in

I love Liz Thames at Frugalwoods’ solution to what I call consumerism. She said for everything she thinks she needs or wants (outside of groceries) she will write it down, wait a day or two (to see if it is just a fleeting desire), then if she still feels she needs it, she thinks about …

The Status Game – Four Pillar Freedom

The Status Game - Four Pillar Freedom — Read on

“Money is a Lien on the Earth’s Resources.” — Your Money or Your Life

@vicki_robin, Joe Dominguez

Buy Less Stuff. Buy More Assets — Four Pillar Freedom

Buy Less Stuff. Buy More Assets. - Four Pillar Freedom — Read on