Limited Time: Watch the ‘Playing with FIRE’ Documentary for Free

Are you curious about the Financial Independence movement? Do you wish there was a way out of the rat race? This film provides hope. Released in 2019, it offers viewers a way out... freedom to build a life around the things you value rather than being trapped in the endless pursuit money to make ends …

The Two Easiest Ways to Pay Down Your Debt – Broke Millennial

From Erin Lowry, AKA Broke Millennial... A short YouTube video guide to the most popular methods to paying off your debt. — Read on

Cost of Living Comparison –

Have you ever wondered how much it actually costs to live in that beautiful and exotic city you saw on Instagram? Use Numbeo's simple Cost of Living Comparison tool to compare the cost of living between two cities... for example, your current city and the place you've been dreaming about. Enter the names of both …


Frugal Win of the Week... One of my mantras is "Question Everything". This week, it served me well! I have a high-deductible health plan with a fully-funded HSA. But, on a recent doctor visit, I asked about the option to pay cash. In terms of healthcare, that usually just means NOT running the charges through …

Lindt Dark Chocolate is an important line item in my monthly budget.

Enjoyed with a glass of good old fashioned cow’s milk with ice cubes... yes, you have to have ice cubes in your milk.

I Want to Visualize YOUR Finances – Four Pillar Freedom

Deep thought of the day: “Happiness is the ultimate currency.”