Or…impress your friends/family/partner by being a Barcelona buff even before you land.

This is the milk

Barcelona is a city constantly toeing the line between being Spanish or European. (Yes, I’m aware that it is technically both, but stay with me.) The Spanish side being all, beers-on-beers-on-tapas-on-beers in a small, sunny plaza, and the European side nudging its elbow reminding Barç that there’s work tomorrow, and someone has to pay the tab.

When you come here you’ll experience all of the culture, food, and general attitude of Spain, but without the extreme laidbackness to the point of infuriating you can find in other areas of the country. Nevertheless, there are a few things to know before you land that will help you understand Barcelona a bit better and make your stay all the easier.

(To be clear, I am desperately, head over heels in love with this country, even when it infuriates me. But after almost eight years together we are at the point that we…

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Day 12.  Helsinki’s Boulevard & The Museum of Journalism 

Love Travelling

Our plan today was to explore Helsinki’s Boulevard which starts from Erottaja in central Helsinki. Strolling along this elegant avenue we admired the beautiful buildings, many of which are now high class shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries. We passed The Old Church and its garden which always seems a popular venue for young people to come, sit on the grass, and spend time with their friends.

The Alexander Theatre

Next, we paused to admire the Alexander Theatre which was constructed in 1879 for Russians living in Helsinki and was known as the Russian Theatre until 1918 when it became the home of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. In 1993 they moved to a new building and since then it has been used for guest stage performances.

The Sinebrychoff Art Museum

Crossing the road, slightly further along we came to the Sinebrychoff Art Museum where we visited the permanent exhibition…

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Experience Authentic Cuisine in Granada & Malaga

Are you looking to experience authentic culture in the Andalucia region of southern Spain? What better way than to connect through food? Food is the lifeblood of Spanish culture and each region has its own unique dishes based on climate, tradition and local agriculture. Spain Food Sherpas is your guide to the authentic cuisine of …

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Fairies and beanies!… who knew?

Contours of a Traveler's Map

“I am now convinced that fairies do, in fact, exist”
– Me after visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park

Arriving at 8:30 AM before the height of the crowds, we stepped into the National Park and immediately felt a sense of calm. This place is special, we thought. We took a slow boat to the other side of the lake to begin our day, listening to the fluid lapping of water beneath us, peacefully gliding along water so clear, the fish appeared to merely be floating through air.


When we arrived to the other side, the trail began immediately, which consisted of a wooden planked boardwalk that would continue throughout the entire park, leading you directly over waterfalls and making you feel as though you are part of the lake.


There are no handrails on most of the boardwalk, engulfing and ensconcing you in nature and encouraging you to be completely…

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Minerve, Lastours, Peyrepertuse, Abbey Fontfroide and the Canal du Midi. Saw the start of an international bike race. May 14-22, 2017 — Paul and Kaye: Travels

Our weekends are spent working on this blog and planning the next week. We’re never quite sure where it will lead but the photos speak for themselves. This past week we visited Minerve, as small village at the confluence of two river gorges. Visitors must park on the outside of town and walk through it. …

Belcastel, France – Day 4 Cont…

Some amazing photography from southern central France! Thanks Touch of Cinnamon!

Touch Of Cinnamon

Belcastel, Aveyron Department, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Les Plus Beaux Villages de France – The Most Beautiful Villages in France

Saturday 22nd April 2017 and ‘Day 4′ of our travels (continued).

A bit of background on Belcastel:

The incredibly beautiful village of Belcastel is situated in the Aveyron department in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France.  It’s about 20 kilometres west of Rodez and most definitely a must-see place if you’re in the area.

Belcastel, Aveyron Department, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Belcastel, Aveyron Department, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Continuing north, we headed cross-country to our next destination.  As we drew closer to the river Aveyron and its many tributaries, the landscape became more dramatic with lush, tree-lined valleys, rock promontories and crystal-clear rivers and streams.

Amanda on the bridge at Belcastel, Aveyron Department, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Belcastel, Aveyron Department, Midi-Pyrénées, France

All this beauty should have prepared us for the wonder that was Belcastel but to turn…

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