A Day in the Baroque Town of Salzburg

Not a huge fan of classic music, but how can you go wrong with a city as elegant as Salzburg?


Salzburg, the picture perfect town that most people connect with the movie The Sound of Music, literally means”salt fortress”. Its old world vibe and baroque architecture with the ever imposing Alps makes for a great vacation spot.

DSC05065 Hello Salzburg!

DSC05004 I also say hello with a bookstore!

DSC05023 …..and Bialetti!

DSC05026 These charming streets

DSC05028 I love the greys

DSC05037 Details details

DSC05038 Yummy Mozart chocolates!

Salzburg is well known because Mozart was born here. And Mozart is everywhere in this town. You can see his orange colored home turned into a museum along with plenty of other things such as Mozart Cafe, a Mozart festival, a Mozart Library….Not to forget the Mozart chocolates! They are quite something and worth sampling for the flight  back home.

DSC05049 Salzburg is an artist’s dream

DSC05056 Traveled back in time

DSC05061 Local food?? Not so much

IMG_20160410_121225_HDR Grab a seat

DSC05105 Goldgasse- the main shopping street

The town is also loaded with several bars…

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Salmorejo: A Cold Soup for a Hot Spanish Summer

I love simple yet elegant recipes… and this one is a classic stunner. Thank you for sharing it, Julia!

Julia Eats

Salmorejo is a cold tomato soup from Cordoba in the Andalusia region of Spain. Similar to gazpacho, but with fewer ingredients and a thicker consistency, this soup is perfect for the hot summer days typical of southern Spain. It is also a great way to enjoy the bounty of ripe tomatoes that summer brings.

smoky salmorejo serrano ham cold tomato soup Smoky Salmorejo with Jamon Serrano

Salmorejo has a long history in Spain, evolving over time from a simple white dish based on bread soaked in water and/or vinegar to eventually including tomatoes as a main ingredient. Tomatoes were introduced to Spain in the 15th century thanks to Christopher Columbus, but were slow to become popular. They were not included in salmorejo until the late 19th or early 20th century. It was originally a labor intensive dish where everything was hand-ground by mortar and pestle. Thank goodness for modern blenders!

This soup is all about the…

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Grindelwald and the Bernese Oberland

I love Switzerland 🇨🇭! So peaceful and beautiful… it felt so much like home. Wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing, Amanda

Amanda Afield

Grindelwald and the mountains of the Bernese Oberland were the highlights of our trip to Switzerland (not counting the friends we visited, of course). The scenery there is so dramatic and beautiful, it doesn’t really matter that Grindelwald itself is a bit touristy. Our friends picked us up from Zurich airport and we drove to Grindelwald stopping a few times for photos, and for lunch in Interlaken where we ate Schnitzel and Alpine Macaroni. Yum.

We stayed in an Airbnb in Grindelwald in the centre of town. It wasn’t cheap (nothing is in Switzerland) but it was central and had a porch with a view of the Eiger, so it was worth it.

There was a music and food festival on, so we soaked up the last of the sun and ate some food truck burritos and burgers and chatted to some very drunk Americans we shared a table with…

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Exploring Ljubljana on one hot, summer day

One of the cities I am most looking forward to, although, sometimes it seems I am the last one to discover its charms!

Stories from Europe

Note that this blog post is available on GPSmyCity as a travel article app  which can be downloaded by clicking here. 

Ljubljana is one of the coolest capital cities I’ve been to in Europe. It is green, charming and has such a fun name! 😉 It is not a world-famous city and doesn’t have any must-visit attractions, but maybe that’s exactly why I loved the city! Our stop in Ljubljana was a part of the motorcycle tour last summer. We only had about a day in Slovenia which we spent visiting Ljubljana, nearby Lake Bled and driving by the rest of the country leading to Austria.

IMG_20160820_143203.jpg Old town streets in Ljubljana

This small Slovenian capital that still seems to be off tourist radars, took me by surprise as I found it to be more charming than I had expected. Today I am sharing some of the sights we visited in Ljubljana…

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Gooseberry cake with a touch of orange

As soon as I can figure out how to translate this recipe into "old money", I will be making this. 😝 Sounds delish, Emma!

What to See in A Day in Montenegro

Your photography is stunning, Amanda! Definitely, a place not to be missed!

Amanda Afield

I wish we’d had longer, but one day was all we could spend in the small but beautiful country of Montenegro. We were worried about driving into the mountains after hearing mixed reviews of the roads, and so hired a driver to take us across the border from Dubrovnik.

The border crossing was quick, and we passed by a few abandoned resorts as we headed away from Dubrovnik and toward the border. The crossing was relatively quick (15 min or so between both borders) and we were adding a new country to our list! Our first stop was Perast, home of the famous Our Lady of the Rocks church, built on rocks deposited where an icon of the Madonna and Child was found on a reef. The church and museum are filled with gifts from thankful sailors who have had safe sailings, and it is beautiful to be on an…

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European Road Trip! First Stop Prague!

Happy Birthday [again], Savannah! So many amazing stories to tell baby! Glad you had a wonderful birthday trip. Can’t wait to read the rest of your stories! As an habitual planner, I am interested in exactly what kind of planning went into this trip. Was it just 5 days of planning?


Setting out on the road at 6 a.m., we left husband, Kees, and Anita’s husband, Rene, shaking their heads in our wake, completely convinced we were insane to willingly volunteer to spend an entire week “sitting in the car”.

“I can’t imagine anything worse. I really think you should reconsider. You’re just driving 3,500km to get back home,” says Kees who always makes me laugh. Coming from the guy who circumnavigated Africa in his own self-built truck and drove to India and back from The Netherlands… You’d think he’d understand the fun of a good ol’ fashion road trip. I think the shock mostly came from the fact that I only decided to do the trip five days before we actually left. He didn’t even have time to process the fact that I was leaving until I was already gone.

driving to Prague

Amazingly, before we left I had convinced (or did…

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The Trip that Almost Wasn’t 

Sorry you had to go through that, Amanda, but so happy it worked out. Switzerland’s alpine views are not to be missed! It’s a location that holds a special place in my heart.

Amanda Afield

I’ve been looking forward to travelling to Switzerland for a long time, we made plans to meet Lucas’s friend who is currently studying in Zurich and spend a few days in the alps. Turns out, this was the only gap in our travels long enough to accommodate getting our new residence permits before our visas expire. With an inside contact at the home office confident that our passports would be in our hands days before take off, we sent them off via courier. Fast forward a month (and taking a half day off work to have biometrics taken as soon as possible), and it’s 48 hours until we’re meant to leave and the passports are nowhere to be seen. Worse, when I used the Home Office’s tracker, it only recognized one of us had ever submitted information. Cue the meltdown.

The trip to the alps was supposed to be a…

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Two Days in Dubrovnik

Looking forward to Dubrovnik… will it be fabulous or overrun with tourists? Glad you guys had a wonderful time, Amanda!

Amanda Afield

We caught the high speed catamaran from Hvar to Dubrovnik (the ferries are easy to use and relatively affordable, just make sure to book tickets in advance in the summer) and arrived to our final destination around noon. Fortunately, our Airbnb hosts here allowed us to check into our apartment early, so we ate a quick lunch and headed to the apartment, which was only a half a block back from the Stradun, or main street of Old Town Dubrovnik.

Our first destination was Mount Srd, reached by a long, very hot hike, or by cable car! We bought the ticket that included the fortress museum at the top of the mountain as well as a return cable car trip. The views from the top are epic, and the museum is interesting as well. It covers the war that took place in the 1990s and more specifically, the attacks…

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Open Letter To My Body

If you guys are not following Quinn’s blog, you’re missing out. Seriously, THE BEST storyteller! Always entertaining!

When Do I Get The Manual?


Dear Body,

I feel like you and I are not on the same wavelength these days, so I thought I’d write you a quick note. You know, just to check in.

We’ve had some communication issues this past while. Or maybe you’re mad at me? It really could be either. I know a steady diet of Honey Monster Puffs* and tea probably isn’t the best and most nutritious form of sustenance. Also I doubt my soft spot for chocolate peanuts is helping matters. Still, did you have to go and get a full-body common cold yesterday? Was that necessary? You know we have a wedding to attend tomorrow, and now we both feel awful. I really feel like you’re letting me down.

Also, what’s with the knee thing? You know I was excited by the idea of becoming one of those bouncy people you see on the street who never…

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