Memento Mori

When I was small(er than I am now), I went on a good many roadtrips with my father. Not to sound too twee about it, but these car journeys often led down long and curving country roads flanked by hedgerows and higgledy-piggledy stone walls and endless green fields. There were no streetlights or footpaths. Houses […] …


Visit to the Mount Olympic National Park! | Travel adventures across the World!!!

The Year of Less is Available for Pre-order! | Cait Flanders

Sounds like a great read touching on a topic that often means the difference for many between a life of happiness and a life of misery: Consumerism.

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How to Give Money (and Get Happiness) More Easily

I was very glad to see one of my favorite charities on MMM's list: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). via How to Give Money (and Get Happiness) More Easily

It’s Pumpkin Season, the Perfect Time for Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Mousse – Jill’s Urban Food Crawls

Another amazing story seemingly custom-made for Travel Inspire Connect… This Californian is walking over 10,000kms across Southern Europe for charity!

Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt to Nagyvazsony – GROUNDWERK

The Meaning of Life…

... something I never expected to find on a personal finance podcast! I just finished listening to Brandon's (aka The Mad Fientist) interview with Vicki Robin, the co-author of Your Money or Your Life, whose book is arguably THE basis for the FI movement. I haven't even read the book yet and my mind is …