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The question of Catalan independence on the eve of a revolution

This is the milk

DISCLAIMER: I don’t often write about politics, and have never done it on the blog. But considering the current political turmoil, I have more people asking me if they should cancel their trip to Barcelona out of safety concerns, than those asking me for the best places to brunch. (BTW–do not cancel your plans to come to Barcelona.)  I wanted to share my personal experience and opinion and hopefully help others understand or even identify with my experience. That being said, everything said here is my personal account of the current state of events in Barcelona. I do not presume to understand the personal experience of anyone else, and I am constantly looking for more insight on the issue. I hope that you will comment constructively and hopefully shed light on the issue from a different angle.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about nationality. As Americans, nationality is…

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The Fundamental Problem with the 4% Rule for Early Retirement Isn’t the 4% Rule | Our Next Life

Restaurant Lady Pi-Pi, Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Yes, you read that right...And that is the correct pronunciation.  Evidently, she couldn't hold it any longer... and this well-endowed women enjoys peeing au natural. Croatians don't do breakfast... At least not as we Americans, Canadians and Northern Europeans know it. But after three weeks traveling Croatia and Slovenia, we were longing for something more …

October Ruminations

To the next chapter… make it count!

Amanda Afield

IMG_2559I’m having a hard time believing it’s October, but the sun is setting earlier and the leaves have started to fall. Without a distinctive hot ‘summer’ in the UK, it sort of just slips from spring to winter, with the change in daylight hours the only distinctive marker of the change in season.  We (finally!) negotiated and agreed to a fourth year in the UK. This will be our final year. (I know we said that last year but this time we really mean it).

Now that October has come, I’ve realised that we’ve started the first of the ‘lasts’. This will be our last British Autumn, and the beginning of our last October here. The beer festival we’ve attended every year will be attended by us for the last time this weekend, and the families arriving now will be here long after we fly back across the pond for…

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