A picturesque fishing village in the lush green Asturias region of Spain! 🇪🇸


new 130new 164new 129Cudillero is one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen so far. It is the sweetest little fishing village, located in Asturias, Spain. If you do visit Cudillero though, do be prepared to walk up lots of hills! The cute little cobble roads lead up through the houses where everywhere you turn you just have to get out your camera. Surrounded by flowers, it really is the prettiest place. As you pass all the rows of little houses, local Spanish ladies sit outside their doors all day just watching the world go by.

In the main street of the town, it is absolutely packed with restaurants, mainly seafood. On the evening, we were sat on a bench outside a place called Pescaderia Demetrio to watch how it all worked. One man in the kitchen would prepare the fresh fish in which then came along a man running off the street…

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I laughed. I laughed so hard I cried. With each line, I laughed more until I could barely breathe! Quinn delivers once again! A must read!

Pity the Madrileño Vegetariano - When Do I Get The Manual?

Breathtaking natural beauty, without the crowds!

Faroe Islands Road Trip: Where to Go and What to Know

Central Greece: Mylopotamos, Meteora & Vykos Gorge (Zagori/Ioannina)

I have found my next travel destination… Meteora, Greece. Wonderful travel story and amazing photography by Lisa & Sasha who wholeheartedly embrace a modern nomadic lifestyle! Bravo guys!

Contours of a Traveler's Map

“Travel is humbling because you realize what a tiny place you occupy in this great World.”

Sasha and I are traveling throughout Greece for a total of nearly four weeks, where half of that time was spent on Crete Island and the other half on mainland Greece. We began our journey by renting a car and exploring Athens & Delphi with our rental car, which has provided us with the ultimate freedom to journey through adventurous towns and villages that are far off the beaten path of most tourists. This blog post will focus on Central Greece, including the stunning and picturesque Mylopotamos Beach, the unbelievable mixture of nature-made and man-made wonders of Meteora, and one of the deepest gorges in Europe, Vykos Gorge in the area of Zagori near Ioannina.



Sitting on a cliffside where the forest meets the sea on the Pelion Peninsula, is the postcard…

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An amazing destination for ancient history and one of my favorite of the Greek islands (to date). Clearly, there is so much more I need to see of this beautiful island in the Adriatic.

I'm contemplating thinking about thinking

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Sa inceapa aventura! Simteam cu o saptamana in urma ca timpul parca sta in loc si nu imi mai vine si mie randul sa plec in vacanta. Anul acesta am ales Rodos, in Grecia, unde prezentul se imbina perfect cu trecutul. A fost o alegere indelung gandita, pentru ca desi ne dorim sa petrecem ceva timp la plaja, vrem sa exploram si locuri noi. Let the adventure begin! Lately, I was feeling like time stands still and my vacation will never come. This year I chose Rhodes, in Greece, where the present meets the past in a perfect harmony. It was an inspired choice because even if we like to spend a few hours at the beach, we also love to explore new places.

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Pan con Tomate: A Must-Have for Your Breakfast Table

The simple things are always the best! This was the very first food we had that first morning in Madrid at Costa Coffee inside el Teatro Real… divine! The Spanish are teaching me how slow down, eat well, relish the company of good friends and enjoy life!

Jill's Urban Food Crawls

pan con tomato recipe bread tomato black salt Pan con Tomate

Good ingredients simply prepared is a hallmark of Spanish food. A good example of this is Pan con Tomate (bread with tomato), one of the most iconic dishes found throughout Spain. It can be the basis of a typical Spanish breakfast or served as a tapa along with jamón or anchovies. The recipe is so simple, it can hardly be considered a recipe at all. But a collection of Spanish recipes would not be complete without it.

The story of its origin is that the tomato was used to soften old, stale bread. The presentation varies, just the slightest bit, depending on where you are. In it’s birthplace of Catalonia, ripe tomatoes are rubbed across toasted bread. In southern Spain, we most frequently see a version in which grated tomato pulp is spooned on top of toasted bread. Honestly, this is the only way that we’ve ever…

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SLOVENIA- The Only Country With the Word LOVE In It! (birthday trip continued)

Another restaurant going on “The List”… Bled Castle Restaurant! Question is, will it measure up to Hisa Franko? Taking bets.


SLOVENIA- The Only Country With the Word LOVE In It! To be honest, I don’t know if that’s a true statement, I haven’t checked, but when I heard someone say that I thought, perfect!

Originally Slovenia was not one of the countries on my urgent must-see travel list. It was one of the European countries that slipped my radar until a Netherlands-Italy road trip a few years ago brought me right through the heart of the tiny and fruitful country. What a gem!!! Completely surpassing any expectations (or lack there of), Slovenia impressed me with its natural beauty and instantly became one of my favourite European countries. Of the eight countries we would visit on my 27th Birthday Road Trip”, I was most excited about returning to and getting a better taste of Slovenia. Hosted by the Slovenian tourism board, our time spent in this severely underrated country was…

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Day Trip to Sagunto

I thought the scenic photos were beautiful but when I got to the food porn it was like the heavens opened and the angels sang! 😜 You outdid yourself once again, Jill!

Jill's Urban Food Crawls

The Castle of Sagunto—It draws our eyes up the hillside above the small city of Sagunto every time we take the train between Valencia and Barcelona. We go by in a few seconds, but that’s long enough to inspire wonder in us passengers.

Castle overlooking Sagunto Spain Valencia Sagunto Castle

Sagunto is an easy day trip from Valencia. It is only about 35 minutes by train and local trains leave from the Estació del Nord train station every half hour or so (Renfe Cercanías Valencia C5, C6 lines). With American friends by our side, we headed to the station, bought tickets at one of the ticket machines, and caught an early morning train to Sagunto.

Sagunto was an important city in ancient history. The Iberians settled the area in 6th century BC. Hannibal’s siege of the city in 219 BC started the Second Punic War, a battle between Carthage and Rome for control…

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