My Favorite Blogs & Podcasts

In no particular order:

  • The Expat Chat:
    • Tony Argyle delivers inspirational interviews with expats, retirees and world nomads living their dream life overseas cheaper, easier more carefree than their old life back home.
  • An Uncluttered Life:
    • Warren and Betsy Talbot are just plain fun to listen to! Their thought-provoking podcast will challenge you to take small, concrete actions to create more space, time and money in your hectic world. I’ve listened to every episode and STILL can’t figure out why Betsy is deathly afraid of cows!
  • Afford Anything:
    • Paula Pant challenges conventional thinking on her podcast about making wise money and lifestyle decisions. Her tagline… “You can afford anything, but not everything”
  • Retirement Answer Man:
    • Roger Whitney helps you dream up, plan for, and work towards your ideal retirement
  • Two Friends Talking About Things:
    • Jason Lengstorf and his buddy produce this podcast about friendship, growth, and happiness
  • Salesforce Admins:
    • Mike Gerholdt and Gillian Bruce host this weekly podcast and blog for Salesforce Admins, by Salesforce Admins
  • When Do I Get the Manual?
    • Quinn is an AMAZING writer who writes honestly and openly about clumsily finding her way into adulthood… and she sometimes writes about travel

I am always looking for new inspiration.

What are your favorite blogs and podcasts and why do you love them?

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