2019: Year of Gratitude

My life is far from perfect, and yet so close

My journey is yet far

The journey we begin in 2019 stepping off the edge into a deep, unseeable abyss based largely on faith and hope…

This journey has given me moments of sheer terror

Moments on my own when out of nowhere I wonder if I have made an irrecoverable, grave mistake

This same journey has also given moments of unadulterated gratitude

Moments when I look at the beauty of my new home, or the sound of children playing and I am overcome with gratefulness to the point of tears

I have had several such moments here in Valencia in 2019

Never before have I experienced so much deep, personal gratitude

I know I am on the right path

In 2019, I am grateful for many things…

I am grateful for the undeserved privilege that (i now recognize more clearly than ever) has allowed me to even attempt this journey

I am grateful to Carrie for going on this crazy journey with me

I am grateful to my girls who inspire me every day

I am grateful to my family, my old friends in San Diego and around the world who have supported us even if they didn’t understand

I am grateful to my new friends in Valencia for unselfishly giving so much to help strangers

And I am grateful to you, my readers, for sharing your experiences, your hopes, your dreams

I have met so many amazingly kind and generous people on this journey

People who have gone out of their way for no reason other than shared human kindness

This is why I do it

Regardless of your faith, at the close of a monumental year, and the hope of 2020, I wish you and yours every Happiness

Un Saludo!


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