Limited Time: Watch the ‘Playing with FIRE’ Documentary for Free

Are you curious about the Financial Independence movement?

Do you wish there was a way out of the rat race?

This film provides hope.

Released in 2019, it offers viewers a way out… freedom to build a life around the things you value rather than being trapped in the endless pursuit money to make ends meet.

Ally Bank is offering FREE access to the documentary film about the Financial Independence movement until December 11, 2019.

See the full-length film on Vimeo at this link: Playing With FIRE.

You do not need an Ally Bank or even a Vimeo account to stream the film. Simply enter the code FIRE

Come Back After the Film and Share:

  • Share your thoughts, questions and experiences in the Comments section below
  • Are you hoping to become financially independent? What do you think will be your biggest challenge?
  • Are you already Financially Independent? What was your experience transitioning into FIRE?
  • Do you have questions about FIRE fundamentals? Check out Start Your FIRE Journey

Thanks for reading.

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Un Saludo!

— lane