The Best Thing About Early Retirement in Spain…

… is I can ride whenever the f*ck I want!

Today was not the best ride, not the longest ride, but I got out there.

Lane’s Inspirational Quote du Jour: It’s not whether you succeed or fail, it’s whether or not you tried!

I wasn’t ‘feeling it’ when I got on the bike. The wind was up, I didn’t feel particularly strong, but I pushed through and eventually I got to enjoy it.

I explored some new places out by Mislata… trails, new sections of the barrio, etc.

Is there something you’ve been meaning to accomplish? Do you keep putting it off?

Get started.

Take the first step.

IMHO… not trying is much worse than failing.

2 Replies to “The Best Thing About Early Retirement in Spain…”

  1. Love this! I share your sentiment – trying is more important than anything. Some days I don’t feel like running, so maybe I just put on the running shoes and walk more than run. I’m still glad I got outside and gave my body some exercise!

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    1. agreed. you still listen to your body if it’s saying ‘i shouldn’t be doing this right now’, but usually what challenges us is we get lazy, complacent, or we would rather do something that is easy or more fun (like waste an hour mindlessly scrolling through social media). Guilty! 😉


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