The Street Art of El Carmen: Episode 2

Yesterday was a holiday here in Valencia.

We celebrate the Nou d’Octubre, (9th of October) as The Region of Valencia Day, the day in 1238 when King Jaume I liberated the city of Valencia from Moorish rule.

Most people had the day off.

Only bars and restaurants were open (says a lot about what Valencianos consider the bare basics for survival!). There was a very different vibe to the city… not the normal commute to school and work. Families were strolling with dogs and children, eating long lunches out on the street al fresco and generally enjoying the company of family and friends. It is a social occasion.

I spent some leisure time wandering my barrio of El Carmen and thinking.

And along the way, I noticed several new street art pieces and murals had popped up since my last post on the street art of El Carmen…

So, I took some photos…


If you are interested in the street art of the El Carmen barrio of Valencia’s ciutat vella, leave a comment below. If you have a question, I am happy to help.

Check out my first post on The Street Art of El Carmen here.

And check out my post on the Street Art of Vis Island, Croatia here.

Un Saludo!


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