The Church of Santa Lucia dei Magnoli – Florence, Tuscany, Italy

I love coming across old gems!

We are here in Florence for the week. This is our very first time in Italy. The city is extremely photogenic with the Arno river flowing through it and the iconic architecture.

I was out exploring today (as I am known to do) and came across a little-known historical gem in the city.


The Church of Santa Lucia dei Magnoli is a small Catholic church which dates to 1078 A.D.! It sits in the Oltrarno district of Florence just south of the Arno river. It was founded next to a pilgrim’s hostel and was rebuilt several times over the centuries. It also suffered severe damage from landslides in the 16th century.

This tiny church contains priceless paintings and painted panels which date to the 14th and 15th centuries.

If you are ever in Florence, take a moment away from the over-touristed ‘top sites’ to visit this little gem! I had it all to myself for a good 10 minutes of contemplation.


  • Have you been to Florence?
  • Did you find a great little museum, cafe, restaurant or a hidden nook with a view to die for?
  • Recommend to me something ‘off the beaten track’



6 Replies to “The Church of Santa Lucia dei Magnoli – Florence, Tuscany, Italy”

  1. David has not been to Florence but Laura has but our Hidden Gem would be going to have to look up this restaurant name on our honeymoon we went to a little Italian restaurant in Rome on a side street that was recommended to us by the people were renting our apartment from it was the best of everything that we’ve eaten in a really long time


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