Best Mexican Restaurants in Valencia

Good Mexican food is difficult to find in Valencia, Spain.

It is not a natural fit for Spain. Spaniards generally don’t enjoy spicy food. And, I think, many of the typical ingredients for traditional Mexican food are not available in this part of the world.

One of the things we miss most about California is good Mexican food. Coming from San Diego, California we were spoilt for excellent Mexican. Whether it was Old Town San Diego or a fish taco at Rubio’s, there were always lots of great choices, good quality, and delicious food.

That said, we have found several restaurants here in Valencia that attempt to deliver fresh, authentic Mexican… but, for me, so far, only one has really delivered on the promise.

So, my top 3 Mexican Restaurants in Valencia from not-so-great to best are…

#3: La Venganza de Malinche

TL;DR… fun and lively, but not the best food

La Malinche is a fun, colorful and lively place, but, IMHO, it is not the best Mexican in Valencia.

Of the dishes I have tried (we have been twice and tried at least six dishes), they delivered flavor, but the meats tended to be overcooked and dry… certainly asking for salsas helped.

They have a quiet patio tucked in the La Petxina zone just west of the city. They have a large dining room inside with colorful Mexican themed decor.

#2: Enchilame

TL;DR… If you are on a budget, go here for the tacos and nachos. 

Nachos and Margaritas
An Assortment of Tasty Tacos

Enchilame has amazing tacos with unique flavor combinations. Their nachos were particularly satisfying. They are in Ruzafa with a few tables on the sidewalk and good space inside including a small bar with a few stools.

We ordered their handmade traditional margaritas, not the frozen variety. They were served in beautiful martini-style glasses with salted rims. They were certainly tart and did not skimp on the tequila, but did not have the blend of tart and sweet that I look for in a great margarita.

  • Enchilame
  • Carrer de Cadiz, 55, Valencia, Espana 46006
  • +34 960 43 88 84

#1: Taqueria La Llorona

TL;DR… Drop everything, Go Now!


In a word… A-mazing! Everything was incredible… the food, the drinks, the service, the space.

La Llorona has just moved to a new location in Ruzafa on the same street just down another 40 meters. The restaurant is very tastefully decorated, bright and minimalist with splashes of color… it matched the amazing food perfectly.


For drinks, the girls order Radlers (a beer and lemonade blend) and I had a margarita. Although the margarita was a blended frozen drink, I was pleasantly balanced between sweet and tart. It was served in a tall glass with salt on the rim and a straw… I would have preferred to ditch the plastic.


We ordered our tacos from a diverse menu with more than 18 choices on the menu…. and that was just the tacos. There were also starters, sodas, cocktails, mezcals, tequilas, cervezas, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised when the waitress asked if we would like salsas… definitely salsas!


Most of the tacos are priced between 2 and 3 euros each, so pretty affordable. A few of our favorites included the Fish taco with tiger shark, red cabbage, chipotle mayonnaise, and avocado, a Breaded Beef taco which was a special and very delicious, the Tongue with beef tongue, onion, and coriander, a Lemon Chicken taco with lettuce, peppermint, and lemon cream.


There were also several great vegan and pescatarian taco options including the Sweet Potato taco with feta cheese and pepitas (a nice combination of sweet, salty and, with the salsa, spicy flavors), the Nopal Cactus taco with soft cheese, and pico de gallo (onion, poblano peppers, and tomatoes with no coriander leaves), as well as the Prawn taco with light breaded prawns and leeks perfectly cooked in white wine with chili and garlic!


We finished by sharing an amazing dessert of hazelnut flan served with Greek yogurt, ground coffee, and chocolate bits… delish! And, of course, tres cafes con leche.



  • Taqueria La Llorona
  • Carrer del Pintor Salvador Abril, 35, Valencia, Espana 46005
  • +34 963 28 73 97

If you are looking for great Mexican food in Valencia, try some of these places. I highly recommend La Llorona in Ruzafa.

I’ll admit there are still a few Mexican restaurants in and around Valencia’s Ciutat Vella (Old City) that we have not yet tried. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to explore the food scene here in Valencia.

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Hasta luego!

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