The One Change I Found Difficult to Embrace

I have made a lot of massive changes in my life recently, however, one surprising change has been more difficult than all the others.

At this stage in my life, I don’t fear change… I embrace it.

Until 5 years ago, I was generally shy and introverted and while you won’t see me speaking in front of crowds or leading a workshop, I have become more open, engaged and social seeking out new friends, new experiences and new opportunities to grow and learn.

This year already I have quit my career (a career that I absolutely loved as a Salesforce Business Analyst), sold everything and moved to a foreign country (Spain) where I do not speak the language.

Embracing change is the new me… and it is amazing!

Giving up all my physical possessions in the name of simplifying my life has been freeing and has afforded me the opportunity to live my dream in Europe. I have kept just a few things… my MacBook, my iPhone, a simple wardrobe.

And now, having landed in Valencia, my new hometown, I am slowly replacing my American things with native Spanish things… daily boring stuff like towels, rugs to personalize our apartment, a plant, a few kitchen utensils.

For me, all these changes have been easier than I expected.

I think it has been easier because, from the start, I knew I had to embrace the change to be successful… nevermind that it is the right thing to do.

So, we are taking Spanish language courses, we have adjusted to Spanish time often napping in the afternoon, eating late and being out in the cooler temps of the evening and early morning, and we consume simple local products rather than seek expensive imported American products.

Ironically, the most difficult thing to adapt to so far has been a new toothbrush.

There is something very personal about a toothbrush, something you use every day. It has that feeling in your hand… it’s weight, it’s shape, it’s texture.

I don’t think this adaption difficulty has anything to do with my new foreign home. If I were still in the states and were forced to switch to a different toothbrush, I think I would find it just as difficult.

So, the search for a new toothbrush in a foreign land that feels [close to right] in my hand continues.

Travel with an Open Mind…. and don’t forget to pack your favorite toothbrush!



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  • What changes have been most difficult for you to adapt to?
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2 Replies to “The One Change I Found Difficult to Embrace”

  1. Glad you’re adjusting to things here. I was the same way, and in some ways still am. I have had the same small circle of friends for decades and knew l had to come out of my shell. That’s how the foodie group came about, the push to become more social. I much prefer small gatherings. Hopefully we can have dinner soon and exchange stories :-).

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