Foto del Día: Valencia Cathedral in the Sun

So much content, so little time.

I feel like I have so much in terms of content to write about, images to use and places and things to write about in my newly adopted city. I am privileged. Valencia is overflowing with beauty, and I am so grateful to call her my home, but it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

How did I ever have time for a job!

As much as I don’t want, I am feeling some obligation to post more often. Since retiring in January, I have always said that I don’t want to make commitments to projects that would require a lot of time. I am enjoying my free time. For now, I’d like to keep it that way. I feel it gives me the freedom to explore… mentally and geographically… so that I can discover new things that I might find to add value to my life.

Announcing a New Blog Series

So, carrying on from the idea of a previous blog post series titled “Quote du Jour”, I am going to try a new blog post series titled “Foto del Dia“. I don’t intend to post to the series every day. However, the idea is to share some of my images without feeling the obligation to sit down and write a long post which often takes the better part of an afternoon.

So, without further ado…

Foto del Día: Valencia Cathedral in the Sun

This image is of the La Seu de València… specifically, the back side of this Gothic-style cathedral, which is curved and contains these wonderful arches.

This breathtaking cathedral dates to 1238 A.D. but was built on the site of an even older mosque. Remember that the Moors ruled almost all of Spain from 711 A.D. to 1492. In that year, Ferdinand and Isabel joined forces and exiled all Muslims and Jews. Those who did not leave willingly were killed in this so-called Reconquest of Spain.

So as not to leave on a negative note…

The weather here in Valencia is slowly turning from spring to summer. Since I am NOT an early morning riser, the dawn light for my photos is out of the question. Which leaves dusk. Here, in the summer, dusk is not until 9:30pm.

The skies have been dull for the last several evenings. But last night, that was not the case… a very warm evening with a brilliant blue sky and little wisps of clouds were the inspiration for this image. 


I hope you enjoyed it.

As always, your feedback is welcome.


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