The Street Art of El Carmen: A Visual Journey

If there is one thing that El Barrio del Carmen is known for it is street art.

The street art here is pervasive. It can be found on every block. You have to accept it as part of the community… an expression of the heart and soul of this barrio. About the only surface I have noticed that does not contain some sort of graffiti or street art is the local police station. Hmm… I’m sure there is a story there. I will have to track it down and report back! 😉

It comes in all styles and ranges from the crudest graffiti to the most elaborate, intentional pieces.  Most are just quick tags, but Valencia in general and the barrio of El Carmen in particular also contains significant and important pieces by world-renowned street artists like David de Limon, DEIH and Barbi. Some pieces are collaborations between two or more artists.

David de Limon

David de Limon is a titan in the world of street art. He is also a local as he studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. His black & white ‘Ninja’ figure with a pill-shaped head is ubiquitous here in the old city.


This piece is a collaboration with the artist known as KROME


DEIH is an artist who is known for his sci-fi-inspired superhero-style characters.



This artist’s work can be recognized by the distinctive and stylized pink rabbit… a trademark of the artist.



Also known as “Chikitin”, CKTN is a Valenciano street artist known for his characters duplicate sets of eyes. He began his career and made a name for himself by pasting thousands of printed, stenciled images of a demure, four-eyed young lady all over the streets of Valencia. Since then he has moved onto other figures but still uses the two sets of eyes as the “windows to the soul”.


Other Artists


Obviously, we have barely scratched the surface of El Carmen’s street art scene. There are literally thousands and thousands of pieces here, in the old city and beyond.

And the street art landscape is changing by the day. In just the one week that we have been here, I have seen at least two artists working on new, sizable pieces.

I hope you have enjoyed this visual journey of the street art of El Carmen in Valencia. This is certainly a lively and colorful place to be!


I would love to hear from you. Use the comment section below to ask a question, provide some feedback or just add to the conversation.

  • Which was your favorite piece?
  • Are you planning a trip to Spain in 2019?
  • Is Valencia on your itinerary?

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Hasta Luego!




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