Street Art of Vis Town, Croatia: A Visual Journey

The street art of Vis is much more sophisticated than this sleepy little town belies.

We are on day 11 of our month-long stay in Vis. In my wanderings in and around St George’s Bay extending on both sides to the very outskirts of the town of Vis, I have happened across numerous abandoned buildings. Most of these become canvases for street art and graffiti.

Not sure why I decided it would be a good idea to “get in the way” of many of the photos. But I did, so there you go!

This abandoned building is on the northern outskirts of town just off the road that leads to Fort George. This one is my favorite image. If you squint, it almost looks like a painting.



This building is at the far east side of the bay. It appears to be an old warehouse of some kind. Quite possibly something related to the fishing and sailing industries that have been prevalent here for centuries.

From left to right, we see an image of a camel, a sailing ship, a nautilus, and a pelican.



These remaining images were all taken at a residence that is now commonly referred to as “the Czech House”.

It is a 3-story palace built in the 1800s by the former mayor of Vis. The architectural style is quite formal and contains more than two dozen rooms. This building has been abandoned for decades but is still in fairly decent shape. If you don’t mind a bit of trash and some graffiti, you could almost move right in! Well, you might also want a front door and some running water.


I found a great video on YouTube from ‘Kyde and Eric’ called Croatia’s Island of Vis: Exploring Abandoned Places! that provides some additional color to Vis Town. Beginning at minute 11, their video does The Czech House more justice than my images can.

The views of the bay from the 3rd floor looking back toward the Kut neighborhood of Vis Town are spectacular!


I hope to be posting more adventures from Croatia in the coming days and weeks so stay tuned.

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Until later… be curious, explore and keep an open mind!

— Lane.


4 Replies to “Street Art of Vis Town, Croatia: A Visual Journey”

  1. Thanks Pedrol! Glad you enjoyed the post and the photos. There was another piece in the stairwell next to the Orthodox priest that was clearly done by the same artist… it was in the same style… but I did not get a photo at the time. Maybe I can go back in the coming days and shoot that one and add it. Are you a Lisbon native?


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