Chilly with a Chance of Drizzle… in Portland, OR

Last stop in our brief U.S. tour… visiting family before our move abroad.

It has been warm and sunny here in Portland, Oregon for the last several days. But now it has turned to more typical Pacific Northwest weather… chilly with a chance of drizzle.

It has been a nice visit with my mother and her husband, Ken, and my younger brother. We also got to see my cousin Melissa and uncle Rick… lots of stories uncle Rick has to tell. We are never quite sure we’re the truth ends and the stories get embellished when uncle Rick is telling his stories!

We went downtown and [being tourists] had to hit the tourist traps… Salt & Straw for ice cream you wait in line for and Voodoo Doughnuts. The ice cream was good, but not sure it warranted standing in a line that twists around the block!

We went to Voodoo Doughnuts Too… the second location. The little restaurant and its furnishings were quite “rustic” [read falling apart], but maybe that’s Portland chic! The doughnuts were amazing! Lots of weird and wonderful flavors. Being the classisist that I am… I, of course, had a classic glazed doughnut!

A quick trip to the coast was in order as well. We heard that the self-guided tour of the Tillamook Creamery in Tillamook, Oregon was definately a must-see. It did not disappoint. You walk up the stairs and follow the cheese making process from farm to packing on a viewing platform above the small, actual production floor. So, you get to see the plant workers actually doing all the production steps being represented.

We’ve been getting some nice walking in here in the beautiful, lush, green Portland area. It is so beautiful here. But not sure this spoiled San Diegan could endure the winters.

Stay tuned!…

Next stop… a brief stopover in Los Angeles to pick up the Spanish Non-Lucrative visas. Then off to Vis Island in Croatia just off the coast of Split for some disconnected rest and relaxation for 4 weeks. Then Dobrota for a week. Then the journey continues onto landing in Spain.

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Hasta mas tarde!

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