Istrian Peninsula of Croatia

Today, a throwback to 2017… adventuring through the Istrian peninsula of northern Croatia.

A Picture of Tranquility

Combine the peacefulness of the French countryside, the hilltop medieval towns of northern Italy and the rugged, natural beauty of Slovenia and you have unique Istria.

The early morning fog settles in rolling, rural valleys where centuries old vineyards dot the landscape. We experienced some rain and the temperatures were much cooler than I had expected, but the beauty of this place is not to be missed!

The Smallest City in the World

What is the smallest city in the world? If you said Vatican City, you’d be dead wrong. Vatican City is small, but it is a sovereign city state. The answer is Hum.

The tiny village of Hum in central Istria is affectionately known as the smallest city in the world with a population of just 23 people! It is by no means easy to get to as it is quite remote. But since we had a rental car and GPS, we let Siri be our guide. The drive was breathtaking and the village itself was a gem. There were several small shops in the town.. nothing too touristy and there were certainly no crowds to navigate.

A Classic Medieval Hilltop Town

Want to experience a classic medieval hilltop town without the crowds and high cost of Italy? Have we got the town for you!

Motovun is still relatively little known, but has all the authenticity and charm of anything you will find in Tuscany.

This quaint town has a city gate and narrow cobblestone streets that twist and wind their way to the peak of this charming town in rural Istria. The streets culminate at the peak of the city at St. Stephen’s Church. You can find shops, hotels and restaurants with incredible views of the rolling landscape all around.

When you are planning your next Croatian holiday, do not miss the chance to see this beautiful and unique part of the country!

Where are you heading on your next trip? What inspires you most to get out and experience the world? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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