Kitten Yoga

Just when you thought yoga couldn’t get any better… they add kittens!

I attended my first (of what I’m convinced will be many) kitten yoga session today. It was hosted by the San Diego Humane Society. They also brought in lots of bunnies as well. The furry cuteness was everywhere!

I’m guessing most of the kittens were about 6 to 8 weeks old, had recently had their surgery and were just waiting to be adopted. Many were quite skittish in the beginning of class having probably never been in a large room with 20 people.

We were invited to enjoy yoga and/or play with the kittens and bunnies at our leisure. The class lasted one hour and was generously led by a yoga instructor who volunteered her time.

This was the last session of the season, but it has been incredibly successful. No doubt they will continue kitten yoga next year in the Spring when kitten season hits. The cost was $20 but SDHS volunteers get a $10 refund. They usually host about 2 kitten yoga classes per month during the spring and summer. Check their website and blog for this and other amazing events and volunteer opportunities.

Sign up for kitten yoga or host a class in your city… you won’t regret it. 🐱 🧘‍♂️

7 Replies to “Kitten Yoga”

      1. They are living the life! Maya is lying beside me as I type. Oscar has decamped to the other room because he has more space to stretch out on the King size bed!


      1. Do you remember when you were a child and you couldn’t wait until you were an adult? I couldn’t wait because I thought it was going to be my time to do what EVER I wanted to do. Well now that I am an adult, I have so many responsibilities and less freedom. I made sure to pass it on to my kids so they weren’t so eager to become an adult, and to enjoy their childhood. I don’t think you should feel guilty, I think you are doing great things in your life, and these things take up your time. Very nice to meet you Mr. Lane Beck.

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Deb. I especially agree with your last statement. I think it is so important… maybe even the most important thing in each person’s life… that you understand who you are, what you value (your personal “great things”), and then make sure that you spend your fleeting, valuable time on those great things first and foremost. There is way to much time and energy that gets wasted on unimportant things in life. Live Mindfully.


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