Paris Impromptu Dance Party

You’ll never guess what happened the other day in Paris.

The universe rewarded me for being open to new experiences.

Last week I was dining at a small, family-owned restaurant in the Charles Michel quarter in the 15th. I chose a random restaurant just down the street from my hotel (don’t judge; I don’t do hotels when I travel personally any more, but this was a business trip).

I arrived around 10pm (because that’s dinner time in Paris). All the street side tables were full when I asked, “une table pour un, s’il vous plait.” The owner said he had no tables available. I asked if I could sit inside and he kindly obliged. I was now dining alone inside the restaurant.

Around 11:30pm one of the girls who had been dining, drinking and smoking outside with her small group of friends, came in and had a long, drawn out pleading conversation with the restaurant owner. Three minutes later they all came inside, locked the doors, closed the blinds, put on the wild dress-up hats adorning the walls, turned on the dance lights, turned up the music, popped the confetti poppers and opened several bottles of French red!

It was an impromptu dance party… Parisien style!

The restaurant owner’s daughter had convinced daddy to close the restaurant and throw an Impromptu Dance Party for her friends.

And they invited me, an outsider, and a foreign to join them! There was dancing and singing late into the morning! There was some great French dance music, Latin music and plenty of great dance remixes of American pop music going all the way back to the 50’s! I hadn’t had that much fun in quite sometime… even though my clothes reeked of tobacco by last call.

I even taught them the words to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Talk about corrupting French culture! Guilty!

If you know me at all, you know I’ve always been an introvert… until lately.

Two months ago I decided… F*ck that!

Since then, I’ve been pushing my comfort zone to open myself up to new experiences and it has been incredibly rewarding! I’ve been meeting and making connections with some wonderful and inspiring people on both sides of the pond. Previously, we would have passed like ships in the night. The universe had decided to offer me some memorable experiences, but this came about because I have been saying yes to opportunities.

This feels like living. I’m not about to stop.

#randomexperiences #onlyinparis #serendipity #sayyes #reluctantextrovert

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