Jardin Bleu, Parc André Citroën & the 15th Arrondissement, Paris

It’s Saturday here in Paris.

That means some downtime.

I took the opportunity to explore the 15th arrondissement where I am staying this go-round. I hadn’t previously spent much time here. I ended up getting in 13kms of walking.

These neighborhoods are so different on the weekends without the noise of vehicles on the road… it was almost eerie. But in a peaceful way. Everyone was going about there day. People were going to the small neighborhood markets, boulangeries, charcuteries, etc. to get there shopping done. There were several people moving apartments (Saturday must be the official moving day in Paris).

I walked south along the Quai de Grenelle and Quai André Citroën.

I made it as far as Parc André Citroën at the far west of Paris proper just inside the peripherique by the Seine.

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