Cheers from Stockholm!

A quick stopover on my way back to Paris…

But I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a brief stop in Stockholm. Norwegian Air from LAX then a 7 hour layover gives plenty of time to visit this gorgeous historical city.

My first time in Sweden! The customs official was super nice and made sure to give me a good stamp!

The Arlanda Express is a 20-min direct train from the airport to down town for $30 each way.

Time for a traditional lunch at The Ardbeg Embassy in Galma Stan, the pedestrian, cobblestone old town of Stockholm. It is a tiny island in the middle of the archipelago city.

Lunch is the herring plate with three types of herring, crisp bread with herb butter, Swedish cheese and new potatoes.

8 Replies to “Cheers from Stockholm!”

      1. Awesome! How are you liking it? I’m not too into art (although I serendipitously came across a reason to explore it more recently while in Paris… that’s a story for a different day), but I can see myself as an archeologist in another life. Went to the Louvre last week in Paris. Explored the ancient relics. It fascinates me… the idea of “the oldest [whatever]!

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      2. I really like it and it was the only way to pursue my love of history. I do love art but I prefer objects and learning there story. I did art history in my semester in Italy so when I visited the Louvre I had the best time seeing them in real life. I wish I had pursued Archeology when I was younger too but only the University I go to now offers it and it’s very had to get into as undergrad, hence pursuing Marketing. At least we have so much information now so anyone with an interest can learn and now we are older we have the cash to see more.

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  1. I love ancient history. What the objects can tell us about ancient peoples and civilizations is fascinating to me. I wouldn’t know anything about making a career out of it, but marketing should definitely be something I know you could pursue in the business world. What aspects of marketing are you interested in or have experience with?


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