Since Returning from Montenegro…

What have I been up to?

…these two little fur balls…

Fostering kittens once or twice a year for the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) is a rewarding, if sometimes emotional, volunteering experience.

It’s a chance to give back… and get in some kitten cuddles at the same time.

We generally foster a pair of four week old kittens to socialize them to a home environment and provide the SDHS with feedback about their individual personalities so that can be successfully matched to their forever family.

The SDHS provides literally everything we could need from a pen, pet carrier, linens, litter, litter box, food, food bowls, toys, a scale to weigh them and vet services. We simply provide a home and care.

We feed them on a schedule, weigh them and record their weights every morning, clean up after them and, of course, play with them.

These little guys, a tiny female brown tabby and a larger red point male with a white coat, came in as strays but both were generally in good health.

They weighed in at just 418 and 488 grams respectively when I picked them up.

Since they were strays, they had not been named, so for the first time in our long fostering career we were able to name these kittens! We decided on Isabella and Sebastian.

We call them Bella and Bash.

…and they have been a delight… so far! 😛

Do you have fur babies? Have you ever fostered or considered it? I would love to hear from you.

Leave comments below.


2 Replies to “Since Returning from Montenegro…”

  1. Oh! Look at those tiny faces! I have considered fostering but honestly I’m not sure I have it in me to ever give them back. How do you say goodbye? My two furballs are lying beside me at the moment and they are so ridiculous but I love them so much. It’s been exactly one year since I brought them home. They have made my life immeasurably better. They are calming, amusing, interesting, fascinating, and just…. happy!

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