Welcome to Kotor, Montenegro!

I am hesitant to write this post.

I’ve been here in Montenegro less than 24 hours, but already it has exceeded all expectations.

that hesitation comes from a selfish and scarcity mindset. I’d like to keep this gorgeous part of the world my own little secret. If everyone comes, it won’t be the same. But who am I kidding. I’ll post this and if I’m lucky, all three of my blog followers will read it. 😜

I have finished my work in Paris and now it’s time for some real ME TIME!… one week in beautiful Montenegro!

I flew into Podgorica yesterday on Adria Airlines via a brief layover in Ljubljana. Aside: If you haven’t been to Slovenia, do yourself a favor. Go. Go now. Seriously. Stop everything and get on a plane.

From the Montenegrin capital, I took a ~2 hour, 70 Euro taxi to Dobrota, a small seaside town just north and easy walking distance to Kotor.

This town, and the country of Montenegro itself, is definitely up and coming. Get here before the crowds! Old Town Kotor itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nestled at the south end of the Bay of Kotor, it is a gem. Think Dubrovnik, but more intimate and far fewer annoying cruise ship tourists. LOL!

When I arrived in Dobrota mid afternoon yesterday it was drizzling off and on but warm and pleasant. My AirBnB host met me at a convenient restaurant and walked me to the quiet, four-story older residential building behind said bayside restaurant.

My wonderfully gracious AirBnB hosts, a middle aged couple, were genuinely ecstatic to share their breathtaking little apartment and their town with me. It was heartwarming. I always shed a tear… don’t tell my buddies! They excitedly showed me the apartment, it’s amenities and gave me the rundown.

It is a gorgeous one-bedroom apartment, newly remodeled, 100 meters to the bay front with a killer view from the small balcony. Nice pick, Lane!

So, I am writing this on the morning of Day 2 from said balcony while listening to the birds chirping, the friendly neighborhood cats that seem to be everywhere in this city and the sound of the bustle of locals going about their day. The weather is near perfect at 26 degrees. Drinking my coffee and munching on a bowl of fresh cherries that my hosts picked from their tree and thoughtfully provided.

I have much to be grateful for and nothing to complain about.

Today, I need to go to the neighborhood market and get a few basics. Then maybe I will do that hourlong hike to the top of the mountain that overlooks Kotor. Or, Maybe take a short boat ride to Perast. Maybe I’ll do some laundry and hang it out to dry on the close line. I haven’t one that it… well, since Ljubljana last year.

9 Replies to “Welcome to Kotor, Montenegro!”

    1. Thank you so much, Vanessa! I am having a great time. Today I hiked to the fortress above Kotor and saw a woman wearing heeled sandals 👡 as I was coming down. Yikes! Hoping to get to Perast and Skadar in Albania before I leave. Where did you go? What was your favorite experience? Tips and warnings all welcome! 💚


      1. Hi Lane, I’m not sure it was me looking at photos individually. I did on instagram though. It looks beautiful there. I’m currently in rainy Finland. But weather had been amazing in the rest of Scandic stops until last couple of days.

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      2. No worries I didn’t realise you where travelling either. I had be so busy with end of semester assignment and then left for this spontaneous trip. We started in Norway where we did a bit of a roadtrip, then stopped in Stockholm and on to Helsinki. Now on our last road trip around Finland. So only 3 days. What about you? Did you start in Paris then onto Montenegro?


  1. Yes. I started a new job for a company based in Paris. Business trip first two weeks to meet the team, but I got to enjoy Paris in the evenings and weekends. Then took a week off to visit Montenegro, another Balkan country I had heard great things about. First time traveling solo. Brought only a small backpack. Great weather although got a few afternoon showers with dramatic light and thunder… then, an hour later, bright and sunny! Met some wonderful people too!


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