Lightning over the Bay of Kotor

<Check out the video at the end of this post>

My timing is off today.

Over dinner last night, I met the most wonderful Polish-American couple living in Vienna and on holiday here in Montenegro. We ended up sharing a table and talking travel, lifestyle over several varieties of schnapps until 1:00am.

These are the moments I live for.

As a travel enthusiast, making lasting connections with genuine, honest, and open-minded people who love to share their life and cultural experiences, is the holy grail. Thanks to Jeremy and Agi for a great evening!

So, I slept in this morning.

By the time I got up, did my morning meditation, and showered it was lunch time. Since I misunderstood the pricing of my dinner last night and overspent, I took lunch on my balcony. Leftovers from my fresh fish dinner last night… not 5 euros for the catch of the day with carrots, garlic potatoes and spinach, but priced by weight. My bad! But, the full experience was well worth it.

By the time I finished lunch and headed out to hike up the mountain along the wall behind Old Town Kotor the weather was looking bleak. Being a minimalist who doesn’t like to bring anything extra or carry things in my hands, I had to decide between the umbrella and the water bottle. I chose the water bottle. What’s the worst that could happen? Ok, I get soaked, walk back to the apartment, change and go to dinner, right?

As I grabbed the water and headed the short 5 mins to old town, thunder and lightning was slowly building over the bay… and the darkest clouds were directly over the mountain I was to climb.

I saw a bolt over lightning strike directly over old town! Two seconds later, the thunder echoed through the bay as it is surrounded on three sides by high mountains. The rain was getting worse, not better.

I had a change of heart.

If I was to walk around this afternoon or even hang at a bar while watching World Cup, I was going to need an umbrella much more than a bottle of water.

I headed back to the apartment and it began to pour just as a reached my little alleyway. I made it… just a bit wet.

Well, in the hour it took me to write this post, the weather has cleared. Thunderclouds have dissipated and the birds are chirping once again.

Hike anyone?

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