What One Year of Blogging Has Taught Me

[This post is Part 1 of a 3-Part Series. Stay Tuned for Parts 2 and 3]

Well, I made it. Today is my 1-year anniversary of blogging.

One year certainly was not my goal when I began blogging. At the time, it was more of “I wonder if this will lead me anywhere?” Inspired by Paula Pant from Afford Anything and Warren and Betsy Talbot from An Uncluttered Life, I decided to stop researching and thinking about it and take action!

What Have I Learned?

Well, first off, I learned that I am NOT a writer. It doesn’t come easily or naturally to me. It is not something I am passionate about. What I am passionate about are the things I have built my blog around:

  • European Budget Travel to those slightly off-the-beaten-path destinations where I can challenge myself just a bit
  • Financial Independence — the tool which affords me the freedom to travel and explore
  • Mindful Living in the form of meditation, yoga, exercise, a healthy diet and simple living with a sense of intention and a gratitude that who I am and what I have is enough

Finding inspiring ways to share these, I’m afraid, is a work in progress. But, that is ok. This is a journey just like everything else in life.

Community and Gratitude

It may have just been my sheer willpower that has kept me going, but my blogging journey has been and continues to be an extremely rewarding experience. Most of that reward, for me, comes from a sense of community.

The third word in my blog name is “Connect”. That was intentional. For me, a core part of my life journey and blog journey is about connecting with others who shared similar interests. I am very grateful to have the support of some awesome friends both in person and in the blogosphere. Following are just a few of the communities to which I contribute my time and energy:

  • My Blogging community… shout out to Quinn blogging at When Do I Get The Manual for inspiring with her captivating writing (and for topping my list of blog commenters)
  • My Mindfulness community… shout out to Sarah Savino (Roberts) on Instagram and Facebook as The Fit Philanthropist for inspiring my yoga and meditation journey this last year!
  • My Salesforce community… my Ohana… shout out to Julio Diego Barrado for kindly reaching out to me from Seville, Spain about #DreamOle18 in Barcelona this year!
  • My FI community… shout out to Vicki Robin co-author of ‘Your Money or Your Life’ and countless others who have taught me that FI is only one tool to enhance a holistic, fulfilled life
  • My Travel community… shout out to Tony Argyl at The Expat Chat, the podcast that made me realize my long-term, slow travel dream was possible and inspired my FI journey!

The support and camaraderie have been tremendous. It’s doubtful I could have pulled it off without it. Community was the most important benefit to me, but not the only. Even if it had been the only benefit, it was more than worth it.

Thank you all for a fantastic year!

If my blog has inspired you, please consider showing some blog love in one or more of the following little ways:

  1. Follow my blog by clicking the black FOLLOW button at the bottom of any post
  2. Comment in the comment section below; you can’t have community without connectedness and I love hearing other’s stories
  3. Share my blog with a friend who you think might find it inspirational
  4. Donate to support the using the green “Buy Me a Coffee” button at the bottom of any post

Cheers from sunny San Diego, California!

P.S. The featured photo for this post is of the Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik, Croatia and was taken in September of 2017. Sibenik is a gorgeous city on the rocky, central coast of Croatia mid-way between Zadar to the north and Split to the south. Sibenik is known as the gateway to the Kornati Islands. Get off the beaten path! Explore! And let me know what gems you find!

5 Replies to “What One Year of Blogging Has Taught Me”

  1. Happy blog birthday!! You are such a great blogger I really hope you stick with it. Thanks for opening up my world to many other interesting pieces and people. xx


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