3 Keys to Happiness

We all lead very busy lives. And the modern world can very easily swallow us up. If you don’t take control of your life, your life will control you. Following are three keys that I use to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.

1: Live Mindfully

Mindfulness, for me, is about intention. Take the time to contemplate what is truly important to you. It could be the big things in life, but it could be something very simple and in the present moment. Maybe you have a mantra that helps guide you. Humans are creatures of habit. Every now and again, I challenge you to stop, pause and ask yourself if the path that you are on, or the thing you are getting ready to do, truly aligns with who you want to be. If it does, then go for it. But if it doesn’t, replace it with something that does.

2: Practice Gratitude

I try to practice gratitude on a daily basis. I make it a part of my daily routine. As part of my daily meditation, I ask myself, “What three things are you most thankful for right now?” Reminding ourselves that we have many things to be grateful for is a great way to get us out of a mental rut. People love to complain. About everything. I find it exhausting. Steer clear of perpetual complainers and Practice Gratitude for a truly happy lifestyle.

3: Maintain Perspective

As much as we recognize the awesomeness in our lives, we all have low points. Those times when life isn’t going to plan. In addition to Practicing Gratitude on a daily basis, I find it extremely helpful to Maintain Perspective. Ok, your life sucks right now. Fine. Maybe your car broke down, maybe you had a fight with a friend, maybe you were laid off from a job, you’re struggling with massive debt or an illness. In these times, I like to Maintain Perspective. Yes, it is bad, but it could always be worse. A lot worse. I don’t consume news anymore, but it only takes a few minutes of news to put things into perspective. There are millions of people in this world who live in dire poverty, are innocent victims of natural disasters or who live under repressive political regimes. Most do not have the freedom or the means to affect their situation in any meaningful way. They are utterly helpless. I would venture to say, your personal situation is not that dire. You have a way out. It may not be easy. It may injure your pride a bit to ask for help or guidance, but there is hope.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What do you do to maintain a happy, healthy disposition? Leave your comments below.

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