The never ending purchase pattern we are all stuck in

I love Liz Thames at Frugalwoods’ solution to what I call consumerism. She said for everything she thinks she needs or wants (outside of groceries) she will write it down, wait a day or two (to see if it is just a fleeting desire), then if she still feels she needs it, she thinks about alternatives… does she already have something that could take its place, could she make something, borrow or barter for what she needs? Could she buy it used?

Bottom line: You have lots of options. I’m going to get the quote wrong but, she said paying with cash or plastic is the laziest and least creative solution.

For me, breaking old patterns is difficult, but this matters to me. It ties into leaving a better world for future generations. So, I am making an effort.

— Lane Beck, 29 March, 2018, San Diego, CA

The everyday repeated act or shopping, an eternal purchase loop we all got stuck in. The never-ending agony, a most definitely time waste. Is this all there is to life? The purchase pattern.
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